The 25 Hottest Athletes in Bikinis

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIJanuary 25, 2012

The 25 Hottest Athletes in Bikinis

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    For a tightly knit selection of sexy athletes, honing abilities on camera seems more enticing than building legacies in the sports world.

    As if their collections of stellar photo shoots weren't already complete, these spark plugs seem determined to attract fans with a bikini-clad theme.

    They may produce sexy performances every time they approach the playing field, but it's their provocative tendencies away from the arena that has fans constantly salivating.

    Once they hook on their two-piece, these women can't possibly be ignored.

    Let's take a look at which athletes are best complimented by the illustrious bikini.

25. Anna Kournikova

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    She may lack a WTA singles title, but Russian tennis model Anna Kournikova certainly isn't without a wide array of sexy photo shoots.

    Despite being more renowned for her looks than her athletic prowess, Kournikova continues to cement her name in tennis lore.

24. Lacy Schnoor

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    Her athletic accolades may not wow fans, but Lacy Schnoor's ability on camera certainly garners attention.

    These snow-sport beauties have yet to be stopped by the chilly atmosphere they compete in.

23. Lindsey Vonn

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    While the snow has never seemed to stop Lindsey Vonn from sporting a bikini, we'd love to see her competing in a warm-weather sport.

    Considering she became the first woman to win three consecutive overall World Cup and downhill championships (2008-2010), we'll assume Vonn can dominate any field of play.

22. Anastasia Ashley

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    The women of surfing have always been a bit obscure, easily discoverable but also somewhat mysterious.

    Like the surplus of beauties before her, blonde bombshell Anastasia Ashley seems ready to grab a modeling endeavor by the horns and ride it to immortality.

    Looks like she already has.

21. Kristi Leskinen

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    It's too bad sexy freestyle skier Kristi Leskinen chose the snow, considering her amazing presentation in limited attire.

    However, considering she became the first woman ever to complete a rodeo 720, she made the right choice.

20. Gina Carano

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    As she gets ready for her high-profile role in the upcoming movie Haywire, we can expect the former No. 3-ranked 145-pound female fighter to be in tip-top shape.

    While she may not be sharing her bikini pictorials with us openly, MMA legend Gina Carano seems determined to show off her breathtaking curvature.

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19. Anni Friesinger-Postma

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    With her glistening aggressiveness on camera, we'd love to see German speed skater Anni Friesinger-Postma escape the shadows of her athletic family.

    Her parents and brother may all be skaters, but the Friesinger daughter has the spotlight on lock.

18. Kyra Gracie

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    A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioner and grappling world champion, Brazil native Kyra Gracie may be stuck on a sticky wrestling mat all day practicing, but she certainly makes up for lost time during her free hours.

    She's scraping the edge of modeling prosperity.

17. Maria Kirilenko

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    With an unspectacular career-high singles ranking of No. 18, Maria Kirilenko's stellar reputation has solely stemmed from her sensual demeanor on camera.

    Few have embraced the sand with as much passion as this Russian sensation.

    Kirilenko is easily NHL icon Alexander Ovechkin's best score yet.

16. Jennifer Barretta

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    With the inability to cool off her own sexiness, Billiards star Jennifer Barretta continues to erotically-shadow the sports world.

    While we respect her work around the pockets, it's Barretta's seductive nature and iconic last name that make us smile the most.

15. Sara Galimberti

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    Known for becoming Miss Lombardia Cotonella, Italian beauty Sara Galimberti continues to carry on the torch that pole-vaulting sensation Allison Stokke seemingly couldn't.

    And for that we thank her.

14. Niki Ghazian

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    While her enticing nature may suggest otherwise, Niki Ghazian's role as offensive lineman in the Lingerie Football League and former WAG of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo insinuate a tough interior.

    Also in her second year of law school, this Persian beauty is quite the catch.

13. Kim Glass

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    With no need to be shy, indoor volleyball star Kim Glass continues to approach her limitless ceiling on camera.

    While known in the sports world for helping the U.S. national team win a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Glass is shattering all her beautiful competition one shot at a time.

12. Lokelani McMichael

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    Maybe if she spent less time in the shower, sexy triathlete Lokelani McMichael could win another Hawaii Ironman.

    She became the youngest female to finish the daunting race in October of 1995 and has been smooth-sailing ever since with features in GQ, Shape, Triathlete, Runner's World and Men's Health.

11. Melanie Adams

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    Something about these track-and-field beauties continues to attract every camera in a worldwide radius.

    She may be labeled a pole vaulter, but Melanie Adams seems destined to be a camera pleaser.

10. Shanelle Loraine

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    A rising star in the Billiards business, Filipina beauty Shanelle Loraine continues to enhance her sport's visuals.

    She clearly dominates away from the table as well.

9. Stacy Keibler

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    There aren't many outfits that don't perfectly-suit her sensuality, but some are just too enticing for words.

    With that said, let's allow our eyes to discuss the beauty behind professional wrestler Stacy Keibler.

8. Malia Jones

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    This sexy surfer continues to build an illustrious career around looking amazing.

    While she's modeled for Sports Illustrated and Surfing Magazine, it was Malia Jones' role as consultant for the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch that has us convinced she's for real.

7. Lauryn Eagle

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    She may not always appear so flirtatious, but world champion water skier, boxer and swimsuit model Lauryn Eagle rarely shies away from the limelight.

    With an alleged interest in the Lingerie Football League, Eagle could soar towards greatness.

6. Michelle Waterson

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    With a Black Belt in American Free Style Karate and a rare ability to excite any set of eyes, MMA star Michelle Waterson deservedly earned the moniker "The Karate Hottie."

    But don't be fooled, the 9-3 beauty also trained in WuShu and Muay Thai, and seems unintimidated by any opponent.

5. Maria Kanellis

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    Currently Mike Bennett's valet, Maria Kanellis never fails to control the spotlight and influence those around her.

    Known for her work with WWE, Kanellis inches closer to immortality with every jaw-dropping photo shoot.

4. Ana Ivanovic

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    Now that she has 11 WTA Tour singles titles, former World No. 1 Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanovic should consider focusing solely on modeling.

    Despite a melancholy expression, Ivanovic seems quite comfortable in front of any set of lens.

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3. Leryn Franco

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    At this point, Paraguayan inspiration Leryn Franco doesn't even need to approach the playing field.

    Known as a javelin thrower by trade, Franco continues to entertain her loyal followers with adventurous attempts at perfection.

    Her new photo shoot naturally lived up to its expectations.

2. Niki Gudex

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    She may be a professional mountain biker, but Australian beauty Niki Gudex has seemingly made her living through pleasing a worldwide collection of eager viewers.

    Her affinity for a lazy day at the beach can't be ignored.

1. Alana Blanchard

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    It's only natural that a surfing beauty would come in at No. 1...

    Despite being buried under numerous grains of beauty in the surfing domain, Alana Blanchard continues to rise above.

    She has never failed to hog the spotlight from the rest of her beach-dwelling peers.