John Chadima: Rose Bowl Party Brings Alleged Sexual Misconduct to Wisconsin

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJanuary 25, 2012

Associate athletic director at the University of Wisconsin John Chadima has resigned after allegedly making unwanted sexual advances towards a student employee.

The male employee says that Chadima had a party in his Los Angeles hotel room in the early morning hours of December 31, a day before the Wisconsin Badgers lost a heartbreaking Rose Bowl to the Oregon Ducks. It was right after that party that the inappropriate actions happened.

According to the report (via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel), Chadima asked the student to stay after everyone else had left and continued to drink with the student employee. It was at this time that, "Chadima told John Doe [Report’s name for the unnamed accuser] that he thought that Doe might be gay. Chadima reached over and removed Doe's pants belt and then inserted his hand inside Doe's pants on his genitals."

The most damning part of this whole situation is what Chadima allegedly said after the student denied his advances. The report reads, “What are you going to do about it? I could have you fired."

Chadima said in a statement:

I make no excuses and accept full responsibility for my actions. I deeply regret leaving under these circumstances and disappointing those people with, and for whom I have worked and dedicated my career for the past 22 years.

With the Jerry Sandusky scandal in Penn State and the Bernie Fine issues in Syracuse, what is going on?

While this is nothing like those other two cases because this was just one adult male going after another instead of an adult going after a child, this is yet another case of a person allegedly using their power to abuse younger people.

Since the dawn of time, positions of power have corrupted those who held them. With the rise of the media nowadays, nothing slips through the cracks; you simply can’t do things like this.

Chadima doesn’t have the right to make unwanted sexual advances towards anyone—man, woman or child. The serious problems come when the accused also uses the power they hold to threaten the victim.

That makes the alleged crime look even worse.

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