Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Why L.A. Lakers Are Best Landing Spot for Howard

James ToljCorrespondent IIJanuary 25, 2012

Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Why L.A. Lakers Are Best Landing Spot for Howard

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    As many reports have previously stated, including this ESPN LA article, Dwight Howard may end up with the Los Angeles Lakers.

    What team in the NBA would be a better fit for Howard than the Lakers?

    That question is pretty easy to answer. There isn't a team more perfect for the big man from Orlando to land in.

    It is no secret that the Lakers need help, and Howard is the answer.

    The Lakers could offer the best deal, and the trade would be mutually beneficial to the Orlando Magic and Los Angeles.

    If Kobe Bryant wants to get another title, he should be pushing for this trade because the 33-year-old's time is running out.

    Howard has a larger-than-life, charismatic personality that is just right for the spotlight in Los Angeles, and Bryant won't be in the NBA forever.

    Howard is one of the only players in the NBA that could fill the void when Bryant leaves, so the Lakers need to act now before another team does first.

The Lakers Need Help

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    The Los Angeles Lakers need a change. As of January 22nd, the Lakers have lost three games in a row and four of five.

    I'm not trying to sound the alarms. The Lakers have a good squad and will be a dangerous team in the playoffs (if they get in), but Los Angeles is no longer the serious contender it once was.

    The team knew that coming into the season, and the Lakers were fervently trying to acquire Chris Paul.

    If David Stern had approved a trade, then Paul would be a Laker right now. It probably stings a little more that Paul still ended up in Los Angeles, too.

    Dwight Howard would come in and provide an instant spark to the franchise. His energy is tremendous, and he would take a lot of pressure off of Kobe Bryant.

    With Bryant and Howard playing alongside each other, the Lakers would have one of the most prolific duos in the NBA. 

    The Lakers need to look no further than Howard to revitalize their franchise.

The Best Trade Pieces

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    The Los Angeles Lakers could put the best offer on the table for Dwight Howard. 

    Andrew Bynum is the most logical person to be traded for Howard. Both players are still young and in the prime of their careers.

    In fact, the two teams could trade the players straight up, and there wouldn't need to be any contract shuffling because they make similar amounts per year.

    If Bynum isn't enough for the Orlando Magic to accept for Howard, then the Lakers could offer more.

    First, the Lakers could dangle Metta World Peace with Bynum.  Both players would come in and start immediately for the Magic.

    If that didn't work, then Orlando couldn't turn down Bynum and Pau Gasol.

    The Magic would have to send other players and money to the Lakers, but getting those two would be by far the best value the team would receive for Howard.

    Howard could end up leaving the team next season, so the Magic would be wise to make a move while they still can.

Get Kobe One Last Title

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    Kobe Bryant already has five NBA Championship rings. As one can imagine, he wants a sixth ring before he leaves the game for good.

    Last year, the Lakers beat the New Orleans Hornets in the first round of the NBA playoffs 4-2 (although they had trouble containing Chris Paul), but the second round didn't go quite as well.

    The Dallas Mavericks demolished the Lakers in a four-game sweep that sent the team home early. Los Angeles hasn't changed the roster much since then (at least not substantially).

    If the Lakers get into the playoffs, they won't be expected to go very far. Acquiring Dwight Howard would turn the Lakers into the immediate favorite to win the Western Conference.

    Could Kobe Bryant win another title with the Lakers' current roster? Yes, but it isn't likely.

    What are the chances of Bryant getting another ring with Howard on the team? Astronomical.

Howard Will Fit in Well in Los Angeles

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    Dwight Howard would bring his Shaq-like presence with him to Los Angeles. He is jovial, charismatic and a perfect fit for the bright lights of Los Angeles.

    Howard's game is enough to excite the crowd. He rattles the rim with his dunks, soars through the air to grab rebounds and sends opponents' shot attempts away with relative ease.

    And his game isn't just for show; his play translates to wins. The last four seasons, the Magic have won over 50 games.

    As much as Shaquille O'Neal probably hates the comparison, Howard is a more exciting version of the former Lakers superstar.

    Compared to Andrew Bynum's quiet demeanor, Howard's larger-than-life personality would be right at home in L.A.

    He wouldn't be timid to go to one of the biggest markets in the NBA. If anything, he would relish the opportunity.

Building for the Future

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    Andrew Bynum is a great player. The Los Angeles Lakers would be fine building a team around him when it is time for Kobe Bryant to retire, but he isn't Dwight Howard.

    Howard is the most imposing defensive player in the NBA, and he doesn't need to get a ton of touches on offense to make a huge impact on the game.

    He has improved his offense quite a bit since his early days in the NBA, though. Last season, Howard averaged a career-high 22.9 points per game.

    Kobe is still the man in Los Angeles, and he should be around for a few more years. 

    However, when he does leave the game, there will be an emptiness looming over Los Angeles that Bynum won't be able to fill. 

    Only a few players in the NBA could make up for Bryant's departure, and Howard is one of them.