Larry Nance Jr. Video: Watch NBA Legend's Son Dunk It Like Michael Jordan

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJanuary 25, 2012

It looks like the "The High-Ayatolla of Slamola" and first winner of the Slam Dunk contest at an All-Star Game, Larry Nance, has passed on some of his skills to his son, Larry Nance Jr.

The 6’7” freshman small forward from the University of Wyoming has been playing well over his first season with the Cowboys. While the school brought him in as a scorer who can do whatever the team needs, Junior has showed the team that he is a natural talent just like his dad.

While I have to admit that I never saw the kid play before this video, his numbers were outstanding in high school and the Cowboys are excited to have him in their program. He hasn’t started much this season and his opportunities have been limited, but with plays like the dunk above, it won’t be long before he is never off the court.

The best part of this play from Nance Jr. is that it’s coming from a game against a nationally ranked No. 12 San Diego State team. That means it’s a big-time play on a big-time stage. NBA scouts like that.

First, give Nance credit for playing solid defense and staying in position. That’s not easy when you are a freshman. With the ball stolen and going the other way, Nance runs the floor and is rewarded for his hard work with a pass that he catches at the top of the key.

He takes two steps, leaving him just a foot past the free-throw line and jumps in the same fashion that Michael Jordan has on so many occasions.

While this budding star may not be playing many minutes as of yet, with flashes of brilliance like this, he will be a staple of the Wyoming Cowboys' starting five for the next few years.


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