Super Bowl 2012: Peyton Manning Will Overshadow Eli and Brady in Headlines

Derek CrouseContributor IIIJanuary 25, 2012

The Mannings will saturate the media limelight next week.
The Mannings will saturate the media limelight next week.Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Super Bowl XLVI is around two weeks away.

The media will be clamoring for headline space for viewers and readers. The whole world will be flocking to Indianapolis a week prior to the Super Bowl, which will saturate similar storylines for fans to consume. T

he problem that arises is that some of these subjects will overtake the headlines and airwaves to the point where they will surely burn some people out.

If you were to receive a dollar every time these nuggets will pop up, you could pay for your Super Bowl party's food and drinks.

Peyton Manning has not called a single audible, but his current situation will be analyzed from every angle.

From the recent interview stating that he doesn’t know exactly where he stands from a health standpoint, to coaches and general managers being fired, Indianapolis Colts fans have to wonder what the imminent future is for their team.

Even though most stories about Peyton were released Monday, you would think they might lose their luster in the 24-hour news cycle, but the location of the Super Bowl gives them even more staying power.

Eli Manning will be playing on Sunday, but his brother Peyton could overshadow his well-deserved limelight.

While Peyton might not know where his road will lead, Eli’s future looks to be even brighter with another Super Bowl win.

Fans and analysts have questioned year after year if Eli is a true elite quarterback.

Most people don’t realize that  Eli is a fighter just as much as the rest of the roster, and it shows.

In multiple years, the New York Giants had to get hot in the regular season just to be in the playoffs. Its also has been the case this year, when the team won elimination games one after another. Early in 2011, nobody gave the Giants a chance. In October, Tom Coughlin was in the hot seat for his coaching job.

The pressure that was put on Eli, and that didn’t effect his execution.

Analysts even declare that Eli might be better than his brother in the playoffs and on the road in stressful situations.

The consistency of the New England Patriots cannot be debated. Tom Brady’s multiple Super Bowl appearances—as well as the genius of Bill Belichick putting players in the right spots—added with the team's experiences will help them February 5.

Brady and Belichick will be asked over and over how this match up will be similar to Super Bowl XLII and if this is a revenge game. Belichick will give his usual quick comments about how they are worried about this game and not the past.

You will also hear about how the Patriots have dedicated this game to Myra Kraft, the recently deceased wife of owner Robert Kraft. Surely, you can count that ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi will be doing a piece on that story next week.

Having two weeks prior to the Super Bowl builds the hype and builds up headlines that creates repetitiveness of the same stories throughout the week from multiple media outlets.

One Manning will be playing in the Super Bowl against a familiar foe, but the other Manning will be getting most of the attention.