WWE News: Former WWE Star Chyna's Erratic Behaviour Continues

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WWE News: Former WWE Star Chyna's Erratic Behaviour Continues
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Ex-WWE star Chyna's woes continue, with the troubled former wrestler making what was described as a shambolic appearance at the Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas last week.

Chyna (formerly Joan Laurer before she legally changed it in 2007 to her wrestling moniker so she could continue to use the Chyna title free of legal challenges from WWE, who owned and trademarked the name) was attending the ceremony after famously launching into a career in the adult film industry this year in her deal with Vivid Entertainment.

PWTorch correspondent Shawn Valentino,who attended the event, sent in the following report to the news site detailing Chyna's deeply worrying behaviour on the red carpet (footage of her at the show is also in the link):

Last week, I attended the Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas, featuring an appearance by former WWE wrestler Chyna, who acted bizarre at the event. Chyna was booked to sign autographs and pose for pictures with fans at the convention. Most people in-line knew Chyna from her wrestling days, and some seemed to take perverse pleasure in witnessing a trainwreck. She rambled incoherently, had bizarre gestures and facial expressions, and appeared to be under the influence of some type of unnatural substances. That is giving her the benefit of the doubt, because I cannot imagine anyone naturally acting so bizarre. Chyna also appeared on the red carpet before the event and posed for cameras with an unsettling glazed-over look in her eyes.

Regrettably, this report comes days after the star also made headlines for a disturbing, deeply paranoid obscenity-laced ramble aimed at Vince McMahon, former lover Paul "Triple H" Levesque and WWE in general on her official Twitter account

The long, unsettling rant, which Laurer made shortly before her disastrous appearance at the AVN, is difficult to decipher (seriously, The DaVinci Code was easier to work out than this tirade), although the general gist of it seems to be that the former diva is convinced Vince McMahon and the rest of WWE of being out to cause her harm and actively making death threats against her.

She also alleged that former boyfriend Sean "Xpac" Waltman and Triple H (whom she dated on/off from 1997 to 2001) were stalking and harassing her on Twitter.

Bizarrely, this anti-WWE tirade came just a couple of months after she admitted to radio host Howard Stern she was open to making a return to the promotion that made her a star and had contacted Vince McMahon, feeling that WWE fans were desperate to see her in the limelight once more.

Unsurprisingly, WWE didn't take her up on the offer. There were likely a multitude of reasons for this, although the most glaringly obvious one being that Chyna's new career in adult movies doesn't exactly mesh well with the company's new child-friendly PG direction. That Chyna did not, or would not, realize this before making the offer may be a sad indication of how out of touch she has truly become.

The former IC Champion later acknowledged in interviews that her fledgling adult movie career had scuppered any chances of a return to Impact Wrestling after her one-off appearance at last May's Sacrifice pay-per-view (she teamed with Kurt Angle to take on Jeff and Karen Jarrett on the show).  

Interestingly, a gracious-sounding Chyna told interviewers at the time she had no hard feelings over the rejection from McMahon, feeling that at least it gave her "some closure" and the chance to "wrap it up in a good way." 

Alas, it appears these good feelings did not last, going by some of her recent remarks.

Chyna's long laundry list of issues are no secret by now. Over the last decade, she has been heavily plagued by drug problems, tumultuous relationships and severe emotional torment. Similar to the equally-troubled Matt Hardy, she has seen her problems broadcast and played out in very public forums, like TMZ, Twitter and YouTube, for all the world to see and, again like Matt, has worryingly encouraged and invited in the attention at various points. 

But while Hardy was eventually forced to get himself some help (and all it took was the combination of family members, several close friends, WWE and the North Carolina Police Department), it remains to be seen whether there is anyone around to look out for the former Joan Marie Laurer, who has openly said she has no contact with anyone in her family these days.

To see Chyna, an intelligent, college-educated young women who knows multiple languages and, per her best-selling biography If They Only Knew, seriously considered joining the FBI at one point when she was in her 20s, fall apart in such a drastic manner would elicit feelings of sadness from anyone. 

But for wrestling fans, many of whom have fond memories of her golden years in 1999-2000, when she was one of the most popular and over acts in the entire company as the "Ninth Wonder of the World," it is even more heartbreaking to watch this woman's slow but gradual decline.

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