WWE: Kofi Kingston Needs a Heel Turn ASAP or His Career Might Be over

Travis Smith@TravisLeeSmith2Analyst IIJanuary 24, 2012

Evan Bourne's latest suspension from the WWE has hurt a lot of top talent in the company but the one guy that has to suffer from this the absolute most is Kofi Kingston.

Kingston was a tag team champion with Bourne at the time and now seems to be just another mid-card talent that the fans have forgotten about as of late as WrestleMania begins.

Many things will happen between now and WrestleMania, but the one thing in my opinion that Kingston will need is a momentum swinger and that should happen by turning Mr. Boom, Boom, Boom into a top heel on SmackDown.

There are plenty of heels already on the blue brand from Cody Rhodes to Wade Barrett to even Christian. So while another heel might not sound appealing to some, I believe Kingston, as a fresh heel, will brighten up the scene on SmackDown and quite possibly save his WWE career.

Kingston has never been a heel before so there is a risk, but the WWE needs to make him relevant again. By turning him heel, he will get more air time and he will stand out from the other heels because he can be high flyer.

Kingston can be the "classic" wrestler that we see out of many heels nowadays.

The WWE is trying to make some changes to appeal to all of their audience members and I feel that one change is to bring back some of the unpredictable stuff that we saw a few months ago like Christian becoming world champion or the CM Punk shoot promo on RAW.

A heel turn by Kingston would surprise many because to a lot of fans, Kingston isn't man enough to be an effective heel superstar but I disagree with that.

Kingston's heel turn can revive his career. He could be placed into a very nice feud with Sin Cara or Big Show as we head to WrestleMania. Come the event, have Kingston go over and then demolish the baby-face and thus prove how cunning of a heel he could be.

He can then back to RAW where he could go over with a live audience before getting the main event push that I feel this young man deserves.

I am hoping that the WWE does something with Kingston because he is a popular superstar whose in-ring ability is second to none. He also is someone that can represent the African American audience very well and can be the first African American world champion since Ron Simmons, who won the title far too long ago.

Either way you may look at it, Kingston's talent is amazing and he's paid his dues. He is someone that deserves an opportunity to become a main event talent.

If the WWE doesn't push him soon, he might join John Morrison in the unemployment line and that would be an absolute shame.


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