Houston Astros Name and Logo Change: Ranking 10 Fun Options to Consider

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2012

Houston Astros Name and Logo Change: Ranking 10 Fun Options to Consider

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    Moving to the American League may not be the only change that the Houston Astros make for the 2012 season. New owner Jim Crane is considering changing the team's name.

    With the team under new ownership and with them moving to a new league, it does make some sense for the Astros to get a fresh start. The team began its history as the Colt .45's, so this would not be the first change that they have made.

    There are a number of fun and creative names that the Astros could come out with that fans would certainly like.

    Please excuse some of the terrible Photoshop skills that I have demonstrated here.

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    This name would fit in perfectly with the old Wild West. It recalls some of the history of the area.

    Also, by changing the team name to the Outlaws, the matchup between Houston and the Texas Rangers could be sold as a bit of a good versus evil battle.


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    Sticking with the Wild West theme, the Houston Rebels is another possible team name.

    The name would be a reference to those that fought in the Texas War of Independence. The city of Houston was actually named in honor of Sam Houston, one of the heroes of the war.


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    The Houston Rockets have already incorporated the fact that the city has played an important role in aerospace history into their name and the baseball franchise could do the same.

    By calling the team the Spacemen it gives them a new allure that they did not previously have, but keeps the name very similar to the one that they already had.


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    This is another name that stays within the aerospace theme. It is also one that was a finalist in the voting for the Houston Texans' name selection process.

    This would obviously be an homage to all of the astronauts that served on the Apollo missions.

Colt .45's

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    Before they were the Houston Astros, the baseball team based in Houston was the Colt .45's. The team had a great name and a great logo.

    Now that Jim Crane is considering a name change, they have a chance to go back to that original name and logo. They were great for the three years that they were used and it would be a good choice once again today.

    Photo Credit: Chris Creamer's Sports Logos


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    The NFL's Houston Oilers left and became the Tennessee Titans. Houston has a number of oil companies and they are a big part of the citiy's' history and development.

    It would be great if there could be a new team of Oilers in Houston. There would likely be some legal hurdles involved with using this name though.


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    According to the Houston Audubon Society the Copperhead snake is one of the most common venomous snakes in the area surrounding the city.

    Teams have been named after snakes before (the Diamondbacks) and it is not a bad idea for the franchise in Houston to consider.


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    The Bobcats was another name that was taken under serious consideration for the new football team in Houston before the Texans was chosen.

    It should be give considerations for the baseball team as well. Bobcats are native to the Houston area. The name would be one of the more fun monikers in baseball.


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    So the armadillo may not be the most intimidating animal out there. Right now, the Houston Astros are not the most intimidating baseball team there is.

    Armadillos can be found all over Texas and it would be nice to see a team incorporate them into their name and logo.


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    The University of Texas has already named its athletic teams after the Longhorn. The cattle are known for having really long horns.

    Since the name has already been associated with the state of Texas, it would be an easy choice to make for the Houston baseball team if they decided to use it.