Alabama Rig 101

Jess KContributor IIIJanuary 24, 2012

One of the newest sensations to hit the world of bass fishing is the Alabama rig.

It made its mark at the FLW Tour this past October and may do so again at the 2012 Bassmaster Classic. This amazing rig has changed the way lure fishing is done.

The Alabama rig was developed by Andy Poss. He started with the concept of the old umbrella rig that has been used for trolling for many years. The umbrella rig has been quite effective for trolling, but it was too bulky and heavy to cast. 

After more than a year of experimenting and modifications, Poss arrived at what he now calls the Alabama rig.

The beauty of the rig is its simplicity. The rig itself is five metal rods all connected to one end of a sixth short rod.  On the other end of this short rod is the eye to attach the lure to the fishing line. On the other end of each of the five longer rods is a heavy duty swivel clip.

The total weight of the rig alone is about 3/8 oz.

From this point on, every angler can create their own customized lure by placing commercial swim baits, crank baits, spoons or blade baits.

If five Jackal Giron jointed Panfish swim baits are attached, then it should look like a small school of bait fish swimming through the water. It would also have ten treble fish hooks just waiting for a monster bass.

One of the interesting habits of monster bass is they would rather ambush a school of fish rather than a single fish. They know they are almost guaranteed one fish and may be able to get two fish from a single sorting. This makes the Alabama rig a monster magnet.

In fact, it is so much of a monster magnet that may people wonder if it should be legal. After all, what lure has ten treble hooks?

There is also the concern of foul hooking fish.