14 Most Annoying NHL Cliches We Never Want to Hear Again

Jeff Langridge@@JeffLangridge1Correspondent IIIJanuary 24, 2012

14 Most Annoying NHL Cliches We Never Want to Hear Again

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    The postgame interview—possibly the worst you'll see of NHL players and coaches. When the media stick numerous microphones in their faces and they just got off the ice, they're tired and really don't have time to think of an elaborate answer.

    The result? The same cliches are dragged out time and time again. We hear the same words from different players on different teams on the same night. Hearing the same words repeatedly can get really annoying and it has over the years.

    What are some of the worst? In no particular order, here are 14 of the most popular.

"We Need to Put Shots on Net"

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    "Really, I thought you scored goals in the NHL by throwing yourself in the net."

"A Two-Goal Lead Is the Most Dangerous Lead in Hockey"

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"We Have to Take Advantage of Our Chances"

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    That's why when you have a wide open net staring you in the face, you're supposed to put the puck in the net. I'm talking to you, Craig Smith.

"It's a Lower (or Upper) Body Injury"

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    It's amazing how true this commercial is.

"Keep Your Stick on the Ice"

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    "NO! Put your sticks down. You must."

"The Goaltender Wants That Goal Back"

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"You Have to Give 110 Percent"

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    The video says it all.

"That's Not a Penalty You Want to Take"

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    This guy's good.

"We Win as a Team and Lose as a Team"

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    Tell that to these guys.

"That Was a Goal-Scorer's Goal"

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    Now matter how it's scored, any goal is a goal-scorer's goal.

"They Need the Next Goal" (when Team Is Trailing by One Goal)

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    Or maybe they should let the other team score another goal; apparently that's more dangerous.

"We Have to Play Our Game"

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    Unless you're Columbus—then play a better team's game.

"Once You Get to the Playoffs, Anything Can Happen"

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    The mantra of every Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

"We Have to Play a Full 60 Minutes"

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    It's not that you play a full 60 minutes; it's how well you play those 60 minutes.

"You Just Won the Stanley Cup, How Do You Feel?"

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    "Well, you know Pierre, I don't think it's that exciting. I mean, it's a big silver cup. You can't even drink out of it without help."