Sweden Takes a 'Bite' Out Of Canada

Jack PorterCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2009

It's the second intermission at this moment in time between team Canada and Sweden in the 2009 World Junior Championship Finals.

During a scrum in front of the Canada net, Swedens' No. 19, Joakim Andersson falls on top of Canada's captain Thomas Hickey's arm and with Hickey's arm close to his mouth he takes a bite out of Hickey's hand.

I'm not making this up on the replay you can clearly see Hickey's glove underneath Andersson's visor. Hickey then pulls his hand out of his glove and shakes it in the air in pain. Meanwhile Hickey's black and red glove is still hanging by the thumb out of Andersson's mouth and drops a few seconds later.

Although no one on the broadcast seemed to notice, I did rewind to make sure and yes Joakim Andersson did bite Hickey.

So it seems Sweden has a new stratagy, lets see if it works.

Seriously, hopefully some one picked this up and Andersson will be given some sort of suspension for his action, there is no way a player should be allowed to bite another player.