Kobe Bryant's '33 Season'

Fantasy GuidelineContributor IIIJanuary 24, 2012
Kobe Bryant is 33 years-old now, which is the age that most players’ numbers severely decline. But Kobe isn’t most players. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Kobe’s toughness is very real.
Last year Kobe saw his numbers dip while his knees were becoming unbearably painful. So this past off-season Kobe went to Germany for special knee injections to help treat the ailing knees that have seen more total games over this past decade than any other player. Has it worked so far? You tell me.
The only concern I have from these numbers is the added four and half minutes per game that he is playing thus far this season. But as Kobe would say, the Laker offense is currently under construction. So of course, once again he is saddled with the extra load of trying to keep this team competitive in the meantime.
But at least so far this season Andrew Bynum has yet to go down with a knee injury. In fact, the young center has played great. He finally seems to be fulfilling the promise that so many of us thought he had. If I was the Lakers, I would trade him for Dwight Howard while Andrew is still healthy and on the court.
But no matter who else are the complimentary pieces, you know Kobe will be on the court for the Lakers. So many people in fantasy basketball were skipping over this future hall of famer because of his age, and off the court ‘distractions’. I said, the more distractions the better.
What so many people fail to acknowledge about Kobe Bryant is that he is one of the few athletes on the planet who excel even more when going through adversity. Do you remember that month in 2003 when he insisted on not taking games off even though he would soon be going on trial because some young woman in Colorado wanted to get paid? Kobe scored 40.6 a game for that entire month.
He simply has an innate ability to compartmentalize problems in his life and find his escape on the basketball court. So how do you think his knees are doing right now compared to last year? You saw the numbers already, so I think you know the answer to that.
Vanessa, enjoy the three mansions and seventy-five million dollars you wouldn’t have if you never met him. Kobe is gonna keep ballin’ regardless.