Monday Night Raw Results 1/23/2012: The Top 4 Questions Going Forward

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIJanuary 24, 2012

Monday Night Raw Results 1/23/2012: The Top 4 Questions Going Forward

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    Hats off to the crowd, I thought they were fantastic tonight.

    Tonight, we witnessed a broken back, botched pants and John Cena snarling.

    As I do every Monday night following Raw, I present the "Top Questions Going Forward."

    These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have it?

Will Chris Jericho Win the Royal Rumble?

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    If you have been reading my articles every Monday night for the last few weeks, then you know how critical I have been of Chris Jericho. I may continue to be critical of his return, but at this point, I am convinced of one thing:

    Chris Jericho will win the Royal Rumble.

    How can I be so sure?

    As soon as Jericho entered the ring tonight, Jerry Lawler informed the audience that Chris Jericho would be a participant of the Rumble match. Minutes later, Jericho manipulated the crowd again and then treated us to a video showing us his past successes in the WWE.

    After the video finished, Jericho finally spoke and told the audience that "This Sunday at the Royal Rumble, it's going to be the end of the world as you know it."

    How ridiculous would it be if Jericho lost the Rumble after all of the promo videos and a month more of him teasing us?

    He has to win, otherwise it would destroy his return.

    A lot of fans will enjoy Jericho’s victory, but I will not be one of them. I truly believe a rising superstar like Wade Barrett or Sheamus needs the victory more in an effort to boost them to the main event scene. Chris Jericho does not need the Rumble to advance his career because his past accomplishments are plentiful enough that no one would be surprised to see Jericho in a future title match.

    I will praise Jericho for finally breaking his silence and giving a very convincing performance tonight that he means business. It will be interesting to see how he follows it up at the Royal Rumble.

    Will Chris Jericho win the Rumble?

Is William Regal Being Groomed for Raw?

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    I found it curious that William Regal was a guest commentator tonight. I understand that he had a small link to Brodus Clay due to last week’s Smackdown, but I found myself wondering if his presence was more of a trial than anything else.

    Personally, I think William Regal would be an excellent choice to replace Jerry “the King” Lawler when the time arrives.

    Maybe I am looking too far into this, but I could not shake the feeling that there was a purpose in him being there. The Brodus Clay match was a squash, so it was the perfect place for Regal to commentate for a few minutes and see how the television audience reacts.

    William Regal has experience being the color commentator for NXT, so I am curious on how everyone felt about Regal tonight.  Would you like to see Regal become the next color commentator of Monday Night Raw?

Will There Be Any Mid-Card Title Matches at the Royal Rumble?

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    We are days away from the Royal Rumble and there are no matches set for the Intercontinental, United States, Diva’s or Tag Team titles.

    How many throw-in matches will we see this Sunday that have no storyline?

    I can see it now:  Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix, Epico and Primo vs. the Usos, Jack Swagger vs. himself. I think it is sad that the WWE puts no thought into any of these titles anymore. I am willing to praise the WWE for putting more emphasis on the WWE Championship, but when will the creative team realize there are other titles that need some attention as well?

    Tonight, I was honestly hoping for at least a No. 1 contender’s match for one of the titles mentioned above. I did not even care who was involved, I just wanted to see bodies competing for the right to face one of the champions this Sunday.

    When I spend the $50 this weekend to watch the Royal Rumble, I want to see matches that have back stories and storylines. It demeans these title matches when we find out Saturday morning on that some random opponent will face Jack Swagger for the United States championship.

    Does this upset you as a paying customer and a fan of the WWE? Should the writers just get rid of these belts?

Will John Laurinaitis' Character Survive?

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    It is fair to say that John Laurinaitis’ character has not jived well with many fans. Some of us believe he has failed to meet expectations of being a decent heel, while others just found him to be far too dry to work as the heel executive character.

    In one week we may not have to worry about Mr. John Laurinaitis because he may be getting “fired.”

    At the close of tonight’s Raw, it was revealed via fax that next week Triple H would be evaluating Johnny Ace and he would determine if Mr. Laurinaitis would remain interim GM.

    I cannot be sure if this is a panic move or just a way to throw someone like Mick Foley into the role of bumbling general manager. Either way, my gut feeling is that John Laurinaitis may be getting taken away from television in a matter of days.

    John Laurinaitis may very well stay in his role as Raw GM, but I find it hard to believe that he would be able to screw CM Punk this Sunday and remain in his current role.

    Switching from a “heel” GM to a lovable one may be a mistake if the creative team does remove John Laurinaitis from his onscreen role. He may not be the best authoritative executive character we have seen, but an anti-hero like CM Punk needs a corporate figure to stand in his way for his character to continue to work so well.

    Do you think John Laurinaitis will continue to be Raw’s general manager? Let me know in the comment section and also list what questions came up for you after tonight’s Raw. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac.

    Keep it classic, all!