NBA Trade Talk: 5 Big Deadline Trades That Would Shake Up League

George PoindexterContributor IJanuary 23, 2012

NBA Trade Talk: 5 Big Deadline Trades That Would Shake Up League

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    Just in case you haven’t been in the know regarding the publicly and obviously disgruntled Dwight Howard, many franchises are fighting to stave off irrelevance by either keeping their franchise players at home or entering the sweepstakes that will be the buzz of the NBA.

    Let’s be honest, don’t be naïve not to think that this isn’t all about the Heat. You think the Thunder didn’t look at South Beach in the hopes of retaining an often overzealous and unbridled Westbrook, hoping that this younger duo would win the next five years over Wade and LeBron?

    Super trios are clearly the standard of the new NBA. Here are the top five trade scenarios that could shake the next six years of competition for the Larry O’Brein trophy.

5. Westbrook for Rondo

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    Now, I know what you must be thinking, didn’t Westbrook just sign a guaranteed deal? He did.

    Although he says he is cool with KD, their rift is very public and they have been seen sparring in the heat of battle. Westbrook and KD are the closest duo in the league talent-wise to Wade and LeBron, so it makes sense to sign him to a long-term deal. Right?

    Durant heard about Westbrook's deal being signed on Twitter. Westbrook is a great player, as explosive of a PG as the reigning MVP Derrick Rose. He and Rose worked out together in the summer. You know he wants what Rose has, his own team where he runs the show.

    The Thunder have one more test run this postseason before this deal may become a reality. Tread softly Westbrook because you’re one fourth-quarter blunder from getting shipped out of town. This deal makes sense for both clubs because it gives the Celts a chance to build for the future. The Thunder can get a PG that better compliments KD as a scorer and that brings added defensive intensity.

    I say: Deal!

4. Chris Paul for Amar'e Stoudemire

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    This deal only makes sense for the Knicks. Stoudemire is yet another talented frontcourt edition to what would then be an overcrowded bunch.

    CP3 and Melo are friends and Jordanaires. They wanted their own trio so they could go “hunting” in South Beach. Look for this not to go down by trade deadline simply because it doesn’t satisfy the long-term needs of a newly relevant Clippers bunch.

    If they can get this done, they’d obviously involve a third team so they could get a legit PG in Cali, yet it would be hard to replace the best pure point guard in professional basketball right now.

    I say: No Deal!

3. Bynum and a First-Round Pick for Howard

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    This deal only makes sense for the Lakers. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Bynum is the best center in basketball.

    The fact is, Bynum is hardly the flashy entertainer that the self-proclaimed Superman is. He seems lazy and hardly inspired to play for that ridiculous contract he has. Plus, there have been far too many injuries on his slate to pull this trigger without some assurances from Otis Smith and the Magic.

    Could the reason why he plays so uninspired at times be because the Lakers seem to blacklist him in their offensive schemes? That may very well be the case. But the reality is, superstars demand the ball and they get better at their craft every year. Every year you watch this kid, and he still hasn’t grown.

    I say: No Deal!

2. Brook Lopez and a Future 1st Round Pick for Dwight Howard

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    This deal is good for no one. They’d hardly be the hottest ticket in town in Brooklyn.

    They just won’t have the pieces on a year in, year out basis to compete with the likes of the Heat and Bulls at the top of the Eastern conference (especially with the Nets heading toward the lottery this year and giving up that pick to close this deal).

    The Magic would once again ride off into the sunset of basketball irrelevance. Although they’d be competitive, they definitely wouldn't be must-see TV to the casual NBA viewer.

    I say: No Deal!

1. Wade or LeBron for Dwight Howard

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    Aside from the fact that this has no chance, whatsoever, from happening, this deal is good for no one.

    If a deal went on between the Heat and Magic, it would make more sense from the Heat standpoint to involve the lesser of the big three, Bosh and Mike Miller, as a throw in. But why would you do that when you came up two games short of a championship in your inaugural season, despite having key players and superstars not at full health?

    Regardless, here goes the scenario. Why Bosh? With Howard you’d get a three-time Defensive Player of the Year and a player that plays back to the basket. A consistent low-post player is something the Heat could use.

    If you are the Heat and you give up LeBron, you give up the most popular player in the league. And, arguably the best athlete ever in the history of the game when it comes to a combination of speed, size and strength.

    If you give up Wade then you give up the player that turned your franchise around, the cornerstone that you have assembled this dynasty around and the fan favorite. Good luck selling that to true Miami Heat fans.

    Not only that, but you give up the player that Riley has publicly called the best in the world and a proven clutch player. Leave behind LeBron and Bosh, who had zero combined finals victories before last season, and acquire Howard who won a grand total of one.

    Now for the Magic. If you were the Magic, Wade’s propensity to get injured and age scares you, even though he is the better, most proven player of the three. If you’re the Magic, you like LeBron because he’s the most popular player in the league and arguably the best overall player.

    However, he has a laundry list of baggage that includes his infamous entourage, his accusatory nature of quitting when the going gets tough and the inability to perform in the clutch. While you’d have relevance in the league with either of these guys, you couldn’t seriously consider yourself a teacher based off what you have on your roster. 

    I say: Do I even have to say it?

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