WWE Raw: Top 5 Potential John Laurinaitis Matches in the Future

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterJanuary 23, 2012

WWE Raw: Top 5 Potential John Laurinaitis Matches in the Future

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    In my opinion, John Laurinaitis will have a match in WWE. It may not be anytime soon, but it is coming. That is just my opinion! However, against who is a very intriguing question.

    There are only a few candidates to face him. Today, I am going to discuss each man who just may be stepping inside the squared circle with Johnny Ace any day now. Get ready WWE Universe!

5. Vince McMahon

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    Hey, whatever happened to John Morrison? I could have sworn I predicted something about him in July...

    Either way, watch the video! If there is one man who enjoys firing people more than Johnny Ace, it is Vince McMahon (on WWE TV). The man has fired countless men on Raw (and Smackdown).

    The two may be on the same side now, but Vince can return at a moment's notice. To think he is done on WWE TV is ridiculous. He will be back. Will he step in the ring again? Probably not. However, if he does, why not take on the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations?

4. Triple H

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    I thought this would have happened a few months ago. It was not to be, but the opportunity still exists. Triple H was relieved of his duties running Raw in the Fall. I think he is still the "COO," but I have given up trying to untangle that mess of a story.

    The fact remains The Game is not a fan of Johnny Ace. The two have argued more times then I can count, and a showdown inside the ring may be on Triple H's "wish list" when he returns. You never know!

3. David Otunga

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    Yes, David Otunga!

    Who has been by Big Johnny's side every week? Who helps him out whenever he needs it? Who is linked to him each and every show?

    Mr. Otunga, Attorney at Raw!

    If ever there was a falling out, you can bet David would be the first to turn on the Interim General Manager of Raw. I think Otunga has improved a lot the past few months, so seeing him be cast in a more positive light could be a huge turning point in his WWE career.

2. Mick Foley

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    I thought about including Brodus Clay on this list, but he didn't make the cut. Mick Foley also just made the cut. However, the more I thought about it, the more I think this match has a very high chance of happening down the road.

    Their verbal debate on Raw just happened a week ago, but I really like the idea of Foley and Johnny Ace working together. They are both "non-wrestlers;" it wouldn't hurt anybody. It also keeps them safe inside the ring, as both are not full-time performers anymore.

    Add on a stipulation of "Winner is the permanent Raw GM," and you have a money match! Throw in a few weapons, and the two could easily put on a memorable show.

1. CM Punk

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    Honestly, this match has to happen. It does not have to be major deal, but it must be in the near future. All of this back and forth between the two must end in a match.

    I am sure some do not want to see it, but it has to happen. Wasting all this time on television each and every week to NOT end up inside the ring? No thanks. All things lead to a match in this business.

    As most know, I am going to the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV event next month. It may seem far-fetched to believe, but I think Johnny Ace vs. CM Punk may happen on that night. Yes, it is on PPV. Yes, it may seem like a stretch, but it would finally end the story just in time for WrestleMania.

    All of the non-sense would be over with, and everybody can focus on the biggest stage of them all (WrestleMania). I know I would love to see it. Would you?

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