50 Cent's $500K Betting Win and Celebs Who Love Wagering on Sports

Ryan KlockeFeatured ColumnistJanuary 23, 2012

50 Cent's $500K Betting Win and Celebs Who Love Wagering on Sports

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    After Sunday's NFC Championship Game, 50 Cent's a tad more "Stanky Rich." Never one to be humble about how much money he's amassed over the course of his rap/acting/Vitamin-water flipping career, the entertainer Tweeted out that he made half a million by betting that the Giants would topple the 49ers.

    They did, and 50 proceeded to show his 5 million-plus followers what holding $500,000 in cash looks like. Must be nice. 

    Aside from making us normal folk jealous, the Tweets reinforce the notion that celebrities love wagering on sports. But unlike us with our Spartan parlay's and handshake wagers with friends, there's some big timers out there plunking down some big money. Here's five of the biggest celebrity sports gamblers. 

5. Michael Jordan

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    As anybody who's ever plunked down $200 for a pair of his sneakers knows, Michael Jordan is swimming in cash, to the tune of half a billion. And with that much money comes the ability to plunk down some serious money on crazy bets.

    In the case of Jordan, the most famous bets he's made are on golf. Here's a recent example. None of this is very surprising, and Bill Simmons made the point a few years back that high-stakes gambling makes perfect sense for the greatest basketball player ever:

    "Yes, the most cutthroat athlete of his generation loves to gamble, and even more than that, he loves to win. Should you be surprised? The qualities that once made MJ transcendent on the court—his legendary hypercompetitiveness, superhuman stamina, larger-than-life swagger and unwavering confidence—make the gambling crossover an obvious choice."

4. Charlie Sheen

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    It's mind-boggling how rich Charlie Sheen is. Before he decided to take over America one #Winning reference at time, he was making wheelbarrows full of cash for his, ahem, work on "Two and a Half Men." Try millions an episode. 

    And when you're an actor famously prone to going on benders and providing tabloid fodder by the truckload, the fact Sheen likes to gamble on sports is actually rather tame by comparison. Last year, he partnered with a sports betting website. 

3. Charles Barkley

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    While Barkley's more well-known for wasting away copious amounts of cash at the tables, it would be impossible to do a slideshow that had the words "bet" and "sports" in the title without including everyone's favorite NBA analyst. 

    Anyone remember his quotes from 2006? The quotes where we found out about him losing $10 million? Take it away, Sir Charles:

    "I gamble too much, I gamble for too much money," he said. "And it's something I have to address ... I am addressing it, that would be the best way to explain it.

     "I think the most difficult thing, No. 1, I've got to realize no matter how much I win it ain't a lot—it's only a lot when I lose. And you always lose. I think it's fun, I think it's exciting. I'm gonna continue to do it but I have to get to a point where I don't try to break the casino 'cause you never can," he said.

2. 50 Cent

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    The Tweets speak for themselves. 50 followed the "voices in his head," and won $500K because of them. It's actually hard to argue when Mr. Curtis Jackson gets a hunch. Just Google "50 Cent Vitamin Water Deal" if you want an idea. 

    Regardless, 50's now on the Celebrity Sports Gambling Radar, and rightfully so. When you drop that much money on a game, win, then brag about it on Twitter, you've more than made it official. 

1. Floyd Mayweather

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    When you bet six-figures on the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, you earn the crown as the Top Celebrity Sports Gambler. The Little Caesars Pizza Bowl?! 

    That story especially sticks out, but there's plenty of them surrounding the insanely rich boxer.  There were even reports a couple weeks back that he put down a seven-figure bet (not a typo: SEVEN figures) that "Tebow Time" would come to an end against the Patriots. 

    Just imagine how much more cash he'd have to bet if he fought Manny Pacquiao.