UFC on FOX 2: Why Evans vs. Davis Won't Disappoint

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIJanuary 23, 2012

UFC on FOX 2: Why Evans vs. Davis Won't Disappoint

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    UFC on FOX 2 is almost here and the main event between Rashad Evans and Phil Davis is only five days away. Some may be focused on the recent matchup of Michael Bisping versus Chael Sonnen as the two are vilified in the UFC, but it's the main event which holds the meat of the card.

    While the winner of Sonnen-Bisping will get a title shot based on the merits of their mouth, Davis and Evans will have gotten it because of their skills in the cage. Any grudges or personal matters which might help sell the fight are just icing on the cake.

    Their match might be an exciting battle or a long grueling wresting match. Either way there are a few reasons why fans should be amped for the fight.

    Here are five off the top of the head.

Both Men Despise Each Other

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    Evans doesn't seem to like Davis. He even went as far as saying he was going to lay his hands on his opponents more than Jerry Sandusky allegedly did to the children he brought to Penn State.

    Considering that Davis used to wrestle for the university and it is his alma mater that is a bit of a low blow. It's also a classless move, but it shows how much Evans let his anger for Davis get out of control.

    Anger is a funny thing. It can either make fighters commit to making their fight if they use it correctly, or it can make them lose focus and just try to harm their opponents.

    In the past, Evans has shown that even with his hatred towards fighters like Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, he is able to maintain focus and make the fight go at his pace even if that makes it "boring."

    Davis could be the man that turns into the exception.

    Of course Davis might also be the man to do it because he is the one to make it happen.

Davis Is a Fun and Engaging Character

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    Any man that gives himself a nickname in honor of his dead cat is someone that realizes that life shouldn't always be taken too seriously.

    Davis is that guy.

    He jokes most of the time and even though he doesn't like Evans he is just fun to watch. His facial expressions, mannerisms and interviews are a delight to watch for fans who are sick of seeing the same responses over and over again.

    Fighters who are great in the cage might not let their personalities loose in interviews and stop fans from connecting with them.

    Davis doesn't seem to have that problem and it is great to see.

Fans Get to See How Much Davis Has Improved as a Fighter

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    Davis is a skilled fighter to the point where in the beginning of his career some were making comparisons between him and Jon Jones.

    It wasn't called for as Davis was just starting his career, but it is undeniable that the young fighter has talent. He had a tough year in 2010 when he took on four fights and then used most of 2011 to relax, taking only one fight with Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

    It wasn't Davis's best outing even though he was facing a cagey veteran of the sport. Still, he lost that fight in the eyes of some and even those who think he won realized it was a close fight despite what the judges' scores were.

    Davis has always impressed with his evolution through every fight. As long as he learned from the Nogueira fight he will have gotten exponentially better.

    The question is by how much?

    Whether he gives Evans trouble, or even beats him, fans will get to gauge it themselves.

If Evans Wins We Get to See Him Fight in a Grudge Match with Jon Jones

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    The story between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans is something almost every MMA fan knows by now. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year or so the story has made its way to everyone's ears.

    At one point Evans and Jones were training partners who were also friends. Jones was a prospect quickly coming up the ranks of the light heavyweight division and Evans was heading for a title shot.

    Then Evans got injured and Jones got the opportunity.

    Jones made the most of it and won the title only weeks after he last competed. That was when things got rocky.

    Fans can't be sure why it happened, but soon after Jones title win, both men started insulting each other in the media and started building animosity toward each other. Every time it seemed like they would fight, something got in the way or the dates didn't match up.

    If Evans wins this fight he will get the title shot.

    Let's hope it happens.

Fans Don't Have to Spend Any Money on the Fights to Watch

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    No matter what, the fight is free.

    Many times when fights don't live up to expectations, fans get irate.

    And they have every right to be. Many of the fights they get excited about are on pay-per-view which means that those fans have to shell out their hard-earned money to watch the fighters they love square off and compete.

    When a fight that was hyped a certain way fails to live up to the standards set before it, those fans' passion that drove them to pay for the fight turn that same energy into hatred and the company and fighters experience the backlash.

    With the fight being free to watch, fans shouldn't have the same issues that usually occur. Even if the fight is boring they invested nothing, but a little bit of time into the fight.

    That said, the fight should be a good one.