WWE: What to Make of the Recent Product Improvements on Raw and Smackdown

Sam WatkinsCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2016

Recently, we have had the pleasure of watching a much-improved product on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. After a very strong Raw last Monday, we all probably had high expectations for SmackDown, and those expectations were met.

These superior programs are far different than what we usually see when the creative team gets hot, though, as nothing too major is going on right now in WWE. Yes, WWE is entertaining us, solely through solid promos and high-quality matches. The "green" superstars on SmackDown have now developed into potential stars, making for very good matches and intriguing promos. With such a rise in recent weeks, one has to ask, how long can WWE keep this up?

So how long can WWE keep this up for? We have seen this before in recent years, and it usually results in a return to mediocrity. The fact that nothing too major is going on right now is a good sign that we will continue to see quality shows each week.

WWE is simply entertaining us right now, and the Superstars deserve all the credit. They have stepped up their game, and the creative team is giving them the space to shine like we know they can.

Drew McIntyre is back on TV (he's losing, but hopefully not for long), Jack Swagger is the new United States Champion (even though John Cena embarrassed the new champ shortly after his victory), Dolph Ziggler is finally in the main-event (no, I don't count his brief title reign as World Heavyweight Champion on SmackDown), and CM Punk is right we he belongs.

Good job, WWE, and keep up the good work!