Super Bowl XLVI: An Open Letter from a Jets Fan

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Super Bowl XLVI: An Open Letter from a Jets Fan
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
49er Kyle Williams hangs his head after fumbling a punt that set up the Giants victory. Picture all Jets fans across the country in a similar pose.

To whom it may concern,

Not. Again.

I lived, no, suffered through this already. 

February 3rd, 2008. Super Bowl XLII. University of Phoenix Stadium. My most hated team in the AFC versus my most hated team in the NFC. For a championship. 

Do you realize the pain and suffering turning the television on to put on the game? It's like being a Mets fan watching a World Series between the Phillies and Yankees.

Oh wait, I suffered through that too.

The fact of the matter is despite Super Bowl XLII being the greatest championship game I had seen, it was the worst to watch. Who does a Jets fan root for? The dreaded division rival who was going for dynasty status? Or the co-tenants at the Meadowlands, who with a win would create an endless rain of taunts upon yours truly?

A Giants-Patriots showdown was the last thing I wanted to see ever again. But look what the football gods have on the plate for February 5th.

I saw these teams hand three losses to my beloved Jets over the course of the season. To say I'm bitter is an understatement. 

I didn't watch the regular season match-up between the two—partly out of hatred, but mostly due to the fact I wasn't in the vicinity of a television to watch New York edge out a four point victory in November.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
David Tyree's remarkable catch in Super Bowl XLII led to an improbable Giants victory against the 18-0 Patriots. It was a difficult game for Jets fans to watch, as will be the rematch in XLVI.

I did watch the Giants play the Falcons. The game where the Giants technically scored every point (I'm counting Manning eating the endzone turf for a safety more as the Giants' doing than Falcons').

I watched the Patriots demolish the Denver Tebows, err, Broncos. With a Patriot fan nonetheless. I didn't expect the upset, but I at least expected a contest. 45-10 does not a contest make. 

I partially saw the defending Super Bowl champion Packers fall to the Giants. I sort of stopped hoping for the fall of enemy from New York once the end-of-the-half Hail Mary somehow found Hakeem Nicks' hands in the endzone.

So, with the misery I endured so far in the playoffs, I was holding on to the dream of a SuperBaugh (Or the HarBowl. Take your pick.) All that needed to happen was John's Ravens to knock off New England and Jim 's 49ers to win at home against the Giants. 

It was doable. New York and New England were beatable. San Francisco and Baltimore had the tools to pull of the W's. 

It didn't happen. 

Joe Flacco out-passed Tom Brady in New England. The Uggs salesman was picked off twice. Baltimore was heading to Lucas Oil Stadium.

Until Brady scampered into the endzone with 11:29 left in the fourth, putting New England up 23-20. Until Lee Evans had the game winning touchdown pass knocked out of his hands in the final plays of the game. Until Billy Cundiff hooked the game tying field goal wide left with seconds left. Game over. The enemy won.

Who wins Super Bowl XLVI?

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The Niners went back and forth in Candlestick Park with New York, holding a lead until 8:34 in the fourth. But David Akers tied the game at 17 with five and a half left. They had the home field crowd. They had the defense. They had the momentum. San Francisco was heading to Lucas Oil Stadium.

Until neither team scored in the remainder of regulation. Until the Niners did nothing after stopping the Giants on their first overtime possession. Until Kyle Williams fumbled a Steve Weatherford punt on the San Fran 24, recovered by Giant Devin Thomas. Until Lawerence Tynes knocked one in from 31 yards out. Game over. The enemy won.

It's happening again. My nightmare of a Super Bowl is repeating itself four years later. Who do I root for? It's a lose-lose. Do I even watch? It was tough enough the first time.

I guess I can use the old watching-the-game-just-for-the-halftime-show technique. As long as a decent rock band is taking the stage again I can play this one off...

Madonna? Forget this. I'm hibernating until pitchers and catchers report.

Oh wait. I'm still a Mets fan. It's going to be a long year.


John "I Want A Championship In My Lifetime" Ewen

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