5 Most Outrageous Tennis Outfits Ever

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistJanuary 22, 2012

With volleys that seemingly take hours to finish, watching Tennis is a tedious task to watch. Some watch for the battles of endurance, while others watch for the hot females in tiny skirts. We call the latter demographic "males."

There is another reason to sit down and watch hours of tennis action, however, and that is the ridiculous outfits some of the sport’s stars choose to wear.

We thank the Williams sisters for providing hours of hilarity at their expense. While we could include nearly every one of their outfits, we spread the love out a little.

Here are the outrageous outfits that were not only worn, but also worn with pride. When you see what they look like. You will agree that those two things should not go hand in hand. Here are five fashion fails to laugh at.

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