Stuff Washington Wizards Fans Say

Manny GeraldoCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2012

Oh Gilbert, where art thou?
Oh Gilbert, where art thou?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Watching the Wizards play this season has caused law school professors to examine the language of the Eighth Amendment and explore whether cruel and unusual punishment applies to the NBA. No word from Eric Holder yet. The only positive that can be attributed to watching the Wizards play is that it is a sure fire remedy for insomnia. So on those nights when sleep escapes you, and you're reaching for that Enya cd -- STOP, turn to Comcast SportsNet and give the Wizards a try. I bet watching Wall and Co. stumble and bumble down the court will result in a solid night's sleep.

I'm not a fan for trends but those "Stuff 'insert applicable group' Say" videos are quite amusing, though a few I watched may be crossing the line of humor ("Stuff Deaf People Say"? Really?). In keeping with what's currently and temporarily popular, I decided to join in the fun. Do not be surprised if while you're single tracking on the Red Line, you hear these things being said about the 2-14 Washington Wizards.

No. 1: Wait, we won? Really?

No. 2: I really miss Gheorge Muresan.

No. 3: When does the Mystics' season begin, again?

No. 4: I envy Supersonics' fans.

No. 5: Even the Bullets weren't this bad.

No. 6: Is Gilbert still a free agent?

No. 7: They changed their uniforms for this?


Disgruntled Wizards fans, please, feel free to add your "Stuff Wizards Fans Say" in the comments box. Think of it as free therapy. Carl Jung would agree.