Joe Paterno Has Died at Age 85: A Legend, a Man, and a Legacy

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2012

Wow, just wow.
Wow, just wow.Patrick Smith/Getty Images

How do you say it?

What are you supposed to say?

Will he be remembered for the great things or will he be remembered for the current scandal at Penn State? As with everything in life it is too early to tell.

Ponder this, we have all done something wrong in our lives and we have either atoned for those sins or not. Who are we to sit back and judge someone on their sins? I would rather like to judge someone for their successes and acquiesce about how I may never attain such heights than to say how poorly they have done and that I would do better.

Very few of us will attain such luxuries in life as the success that Joe Pa reached personally and professionally. What he gave to football, how he helped young men reach their goals and better themselves, and how he gave back to Penn State.

Whether it was the cancer that got him or the circumstances surrounding his dismissal that may have triggered the cancer through stress, I can only believe that it was football that killed him. Much like Bear Bryant I believed that when Joe left college football that life would leave Joe, because they were very much aligned.

Where would you be without the greatest love of your life?

He was already a living legend. He was already a man. It is up to you how his legacy will be reviled or adored.