Oakland Insider: Would Al Davis Really Look Into Michael Vick?

Farris GunningCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2009

Hello Sports fans, this is another article from the Oakland Insider and what an interest article it is.

There is a buzz in the Silver and Black head office about Michael Vick.  He may have a chance to come back to the NFL and Al Davis may have his eye on him.

Why?  Many people would ask when we have J-Russ.  Well the answer is simple.  Michael Vick is exactly the design of QB that would fit into the Raiders scheme.  His feet make him valuable to a team struggling to protect the QB.

Michael Vick could also mentor Russel to help him improve his game while pushing him to be his best in order to keep his starting position.

The huge question would be is that what Oakland needs right now?  In a time that the Raiders are trying to reinvent their team, Michael Vick may not be the answer in the locker room.  Tom Cable has done a great job building chemestry with the team and Vick may implode that. 

On the other hand, Vick may come in with a breath of fresh air for this team.  Al could get Vick pretty cheap with not to many other teams willing to take the risk on him.

Vick has great football qualities but his off field antics are unstable.  Would this just be another mistake by Al Davis? 

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