UFC on FX 1 Video: Pat Barry Says His Ground Game Is Not 'Garbage'

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UFC heavyweight Pat Barry discusses his fight victory over Christian Morecraft, improvements in his ground game and whether he can compete for the title and more.

Pat Barry on whether he is going back to his old haircut:

"I made a deal. I haven't done this since high schoolthat I was not going to cut the top of my hair until I submit somebody in the octagon. Probably means that I'm going to have a Clay Guida in a little while. That's the plan for now. I'm bringing it back. Somebody actually wrote, Snooki got taller at the weigh-ins. The hair is going to be here for a bit."

On the progression of his ground game in the fight:

"Well, I've said I'm finally the smallest guy in the room in Death Clutch. I'm finally the smallest guy there. We got Brock Lesnar, Cole Konrad who is a monster, Jon Madsen, a bunch of other guys.

We got Marty Morgan, who is a world-renowned wrestling coach. we've got Comprido who is also our ji-jitsu coach. So i have been able and given the opportunity finally roll around and grapple and get stronger with a bunch of guys who are a lot bigger than i am. I mean Christian Morecraft fell on top of me. Christian Morecraft went for submissions. But if you can become accustomed to Cole Konrad trying to pull your arm or Brock Lesnar trying to squeeze your head off, then everybody else you tend to stay a little bit more calm and relaxed.

Whereas before, back in the day as soon as you grabbed my forearm I just started tapping everything. I am definitely growing. my ground game is not as garbage as the world thinks.

I actually had a guillotine for about three seconds. I don't know if you all saw that. But I had it in for about three seconds then I got taken down. That sucks. Sorry, Marty."

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