Floyd Mayweather Tweets B/R Article as Evidence for Pacquiao Taking Less

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Floyd Mayweather Tweets B/R Article as Evidence for Pacquiao Taking Less

Floyd Mayweather tweeted his case last night about why Pacquiao is now being disingenuous in requiring the biggest purse in the history of sports for one night's work to be split 50-50. 

I just didn't expect he'd use me to do it.

Within a few hours, his nearly 2.3 million followers on Twitter had "liked" the story 711 times and racked up over 35,000 hits and climbing. 

The referenced story was a month old and I went back to see if the piece was particularly biased for or against anyone. After all, from day-to-day you get annoyed by various things or feel out an angle and see if people get a kick out of it. 

Given the gulf between reality and fantasy with Fox News' use of the slogan "fair and balanced," I'll safely submit it was a pretty dry piece of reporting, more or less clinically pointing out that Pacquiao had said the fight was the important thing, and he'd take the short end of a 55-45 split.

Manny had said all this in an interview with the Manila Bulletin. So I passed it along.

My, my how things have changed since then!

(And Floyd, if you're reading, I sincerely wish the Pacquiao camp would make you look a little less intelligent than they've been doing since you called Pacquiao out, and Arum's done everything but land a personal endorsement deal from Depends in displaying his business acumen against you.)

Who do you blame for the fight not happening?

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As someone who has been criticized by both Pacquiao and Mayweather fans alike for being biased against their fighter, it's an odd feeling to have anything you've written be used as ammunition by "Money" Mayweather himself in defense of his position in regard to business affairs.

But, hopefully, this ammunition will expedite the fight happening rather than be used as any kind of wedge. 

Again, Floyd is playing out this battle with Arum with more slickness than even he's capable of in the ring. And he's pretty slick in the ring, if you haven't noticed. Why Pacquiao would admit to be willing to take less in their split only to recant it after Floyd takes him up on the offer is anyone's guess. 

It doesn't look good. 

But then not much has for Team Pacquiao since Floyd just put it out there about May 5 at the MGM. He hasn't taken a step back since. But Pacquiao and company sure have.

This is where all our bias ought to be placed: the fight actually happening.

Because if it doesn't happen on account of Arum not being able to have the extra seating to buffer the live gate, something tells me few will step up to petition for Bob Arum's nomination for martyr on behalf of live entertainment. 

Make it happen! 

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