In Denial: Why the Long Faces, Colts Fans?

Ryan NelsonCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2009

A message to Indianapolis Colts fans: STOP WHINING.

The playoff system isn't flawed and even if the officiating was questionable at times, the Chargers just out-played the Colts. It was overtime, and the game went to a very deserving, hard-fighting Chargers team.

Hats off to Darren Sproles and Mike Scifres in this game (Scifres is my game MVP pick). Keep doing what you do, and you'll end up in Tampa.

Even though I'd like to see the Ravens and the Colts duke it out in the AFC Championship, the Chargers were the better team and they proved it.

This isn't the way to send out a Hall of Fame coach, ever. But it is what it is and you cannot change it.

I'm a Colts fan, and I went through this period too, you just need to move on. Pull your head out of your crack, Manning the MVP isn't untouchable. We don't have a running game, and our defense is terrible.

So long Ron Meeks, hope you find a way to actually coach.

I hope this helps you realize that you are starting to look just as bad as some of the worst Patriots fans. We aren't invincible.

A message to San Diego Chargers fans: You're playing Pittsburgh next. Kind of hard to miss that BIG STEEL CURTAIN HANGING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Find a way to look past them, and you will have reached a new level of inconsistency. With all respect to the Chargers, this may be a mismatch.