NFC Conference Championship: New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers

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NFC Conference Championship: New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers

Game Time: 6:30 EST

Weather: High of 56 with a chance of rain

Spread: San Francisco -2.5

Brandon Berg

This match-up is less heralded than the other one, but doesn’t mean it won’t be a great game. The two teams before us weren’t expected to sniff the NFC Championship at the start of the season. However, as the year finished, the Giants caught fire and it carried into the playoffs. It wasn’t too long ago when the Giants went through adversity, only to make it to the Super Bowl and beat the undefeated New England Patriots. Heck, they should make it hard on themselves every year… The Giants are playing out of their mind right now. Yet if they continue, they could handle the 49ers. They have a much better defense that likely has a better chance of containing Alex Smith and Frank Gore than the Saints did. Like the Saints, the Giants also have a great shot to put up 30 points as well.

The 49ers are a scary team. It’s not too often that teams of their makeup travel this far in the playoffs without winning it all. I have to admit, I was quite skeptical of San Fran heading into the playoffs, but they have been quick to shed any doubts. Even when their defense actually gives up some points, Alex Smith pulls through in the clutch. How the hell are you supposed to beat this team? I want to pick the 49ers very badly, but it’s just too hard to pick against Eli Manning when he and his team are absolutely ripping it up (I know the 49ers are too.) Especially when Manning has done this before and owns a Super Bowl ring to show for it.

Giants – 28, 49ers – 24

Caleb Parkinson

The NFC Championship is here and there is no Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees to be seen. Wow, really? If anyone tries to tell me that they saw that coming, I demand to see proof. Last week, Alex Smith showed us that he can be more than just a game manager and the Giants defense proved that when healthy, they can win anywhere. I think Alex smith would be wise to go back to his role as a game manager. If he tries to be a hero in this one, he might not be leaving the field with all his parts still attached.

San Francisco’s vastly improved secondary will likely get a pick or two against an aggressive Eli Manning. However, we learned last week that Brandon Jacobs is not completely finished and Hakeem Nicks does remember how to catch a football. This is a classic NFC matchup with two hard-nosed coaches that are drooling blood for Super Bowl 46.

Giants – 26, 49ers – 23

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