Why We Should All Pray for Joe Paterno

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIJanuary 21, 2012
Regardless of what you might think of Joe Paterno, cancer is not a good thing.

If you haven't experienced it, then try going to a hospice. Or try being like me, who has a wife who's got it. She spent the last two days recovering from the latest bout of chemotherapy, and we're probably due another one in a few months' time, because let's face it - this thing's not going away.

Or you could be like my uncle, who's unconscious in a Hong Kong hospital trying to remend his bone marrow, which has been destroyed by the chemotherapy that itself is trying to destroy the liver cancer attacked him late last week.

According to reports, Paterno is gravely ill. The lung cancer that they found just after he collapsed after being fired at Penn State hasn't gotten better (and the chemotherapy hasn't made any difference), and according to Penn State blog Onward State, the family are rushing to be beside JoePa's side after the respirator was turned off.

A majority of good people are asking us to pray for him and for Sue, Scott, Jay and the rest of the Paterno clan, but there are some out there screaming: "This is karma" for what happened. If you're one of those people, then you've either never experienced cancer first hand, second hand, or you're heartless and/or self-righteous.

Joe Paterno is a guy like everyone else. He's someone's husband, he's someone's father, he's someone's grandfather, and he's someone's coach. And he'll be missed.