The Duo of Sean Taylor and LaRon Landry: What Could Have Been

brandon LamCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2009

Sean Taylor is probably going to be in the Hall of Fame one day, along with LaRon Landry.

Taylor and Landry would have gone down as the best two safeties of all time. They both hit hard, got around the ball, and you know that you would have to watch out for both of those guys.

Taylor covered a lot of ground on the field and could fly to certain spots, to make you say, "Where did he come from?"

Taylor had his best season as a Redskin, and probably would have won the Defensive Player of the Year Award if he had not tragically died. It was so sad because he was changing for the better and had his little girl, but he is in a better place now—and that's all that matters.

When Taylor passed, LaRon Landry had more responsibilities and the Redskins' defense coordinator at the time, Gregg Williams, gave Landry the same duties he had given Taylor. Landry had to adapt to  playing the strong safety position and was moved to the free safety position.

Landry adapted well by making plays in the center field position of the field and dominated with big hits and thrilling interceptions. Landry made a big hit in Week 15, when he hit Giants receiver Plaxico Burress with a tackle so brutal, it was on ESPN's Jacked Up.

Teams will not throw the ball deep on the Redskins anymore because they know that Landry is back there and that he will either catch an interception or knock your teeth out.

But, if you had both of those guys, it would have been something special—and we can now only say WHAT IF?