Michigan Recruiting: Wolverines Right to Pull Scholarship from Yuri Wright

Michael MillSenior Analyst IIIJanuary 21, 2012

The Michigan Wolverines have pulled the plug on recruiting defensive back Yuri Wright, ESPNU 150's 40th-ranked player coming out of high school.

Multiple sources, including ESPN, have reported that Wright was expelled from Don Bosco Prep High School in Ramsey, N.J. after inappropriate posts on Twitter.

Don Bosco, a Catholic school, has high standards.

According to the reports, Wright had been warned about his tweeting for awhile. After numerous graphic and sexual texts, the school expelled him.

Upon hearing the news of Wright's expulsion, the Michigan Wolverines decided to revoke their offered scholarship to one of the top recruits in the country.

The ruling of his expulsion has been questioned by many. Just as many are questioning the decision to withdrawal the scholarship.

BlackSportsOnline has multiple pictures of things tweeted by Wright. Be warned that his comments were sexual and explicit in nature.

Professional athletes have tweeted racy things in the past. Wright took it too far.

The issue is that Wright is not a professional. He is a high school student looking to play college football.

How many college athletes can you name that post racy comments on Twitter? It just isn't acceptable.

With all of the issues surrounding collegiate sports right now, the last thing that Michigan wants is to allow poor character to leak it's way into the locker room.

I'm not saying that Wright is a bad kid with poor character. It's likely that this whole situation is being blown way out of proportion.

That said, Michigan made the right move by backing off. It's simply not worth the risk.

Brady Hoke has the Wolverines back on track after a fantastic season. The last thing he or the university needs is a player coming on board that could potentially start problems.

The University of Michigan has standards, and Wright's actions have made it clear that he doesn't reach them.