WWE Smackdown: Where Is the Teddy Long and Aksana Relationship Heading?

Justin WatrySenior WriterJanuary 21, 2012

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It is the million dollar question!

Smackdown has been great the past few months. Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett are stepping up their games in time for the biggest event of the year. Randy Orton is set to return and continue his amazing run. Even the World Title scene has been through a couple twists and turns recently.

However, there is one story that has really spiked my interest. It does not even involve two wrestlers. I am talking about a diva and the Smackdown general manager!

Yes, how intriguing!

This began a few months ago, and I really did not think much of it. Yes, Aksana is one of my three "it" girls. Yes, she was on NXT in 2010. Yes, she is very talented. I just could not figure out what she was doing on Smackdown each week.

She seemed to have her sights on Teddy Long, but why? What is going on with these two?

The logical explanation is power.

Teddy Long is in charge of the Blue Brand. Thus, it would seem that Aksana is interested in gaining some political power from her "teddy bear."

For those that saw NXT Season 3 (greatest WWE show of all time), this fits in with Aksana's personality. She used Goldust to stay in the country and keep her job. It was a very well done story by WWE, and it cast her in a very "heelish" light.

Now she shows up on Smackdown? Teddy Long better watch his back because he has fallen victim to a woman looking to replace him in the past. Everybody remember his wedding with Kristal that led to Vickie Guerrero stealing his job? Yeah...

The second option is love.

Maybe she just likes Teddy Long? There is no motive here. He can dance. He is a smooth talker. He is also a man of power! Perhaps the next great love story is being told on Smackdown? You never know with this company...

Finally, I think this could lead to her being a wrestler.

This plays into the first point. What if Aksana just wants to wrestle each week? She doesn't seem very shy, but I think she is just waiting for her moment to make her intentions clear. She wants to get in the ring and wants Teddy's approval!

I would be fine with that. She was great on NXT. She had some nice matches in FCW, and she is a "new" face to the WWE Universe. Why not give her a run inside the squared circle? If it bombs, no big deal. Kharma is on her way back soon! If she succeeds, the sky is the limit...

My other "it" girls seem to be doing fine. Alicia Fox is bound to get a Diva's Title match any week now. Rosa Mendes is the true star of the tag division, while managing Primo and Epico. It is time for Aksana to step up and make her name even more known!

That is if Teddy Long and her figure out whatever it is they are doing...

What do you folks think? Where is this story between Teddy Long and Aksana going? Does she want his job, his heart, or does she just want to be a wrestler? Let me know below...


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