Wait, What? 5 Weird Things That Happened at UFC on FX 1

Jonathan SnowdenCombat Sports Senior WriterJanuary 20, 2012

Wait, What? 5 Weird Things That Happened at UFC on FX 1

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    Weird stuff? Sometimes it happens, even in the UFC's Octagon. In the last 18 years we've seen main eventers go to the hospital after slipping backstage, a superstar tell the world he was going to mount his wife and two dudes get in a fist fight after the show—at the hospital.

    I admit nothing that strange happened tonight. But some odd stuff did go down. Let's take a look at five things that blew my mind about the UFC's debut on FX.

Mike Easton's Plain Purple Shorts

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    Mike Easton is a pretty damn good fighter. I saw him fight in his hometown of Washington, DC (okay, it was actually in Fairfax, Virginia) on the smaller stage, and he's a wrecking machine at 135 pounds.

    He absolutely deserved his spot on the main card of a UFC event. But somehow, despite being showcased on national television, he didn't have a single sponsor on his purple fight shorts.

    Was he paying tribute to the "Incredible Hulk"? Does he need to fire his manager? It's rare for a fighter coming into the cage with no sponsors—and for a fighter on the low end of the pay scale like Easton, that can make a huge difference.

Wait, Was That Ariel Helwani?

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    Ariel Helwani's post-fight interviews have become a staple of UFC fight nights for fans and fellow media alike. But we're used to seeing those tete a tetes at mmafighting.com.

    While we've watched Helwani in the studio before on the Versus network, it seemed weird to see him doing his patented backstage back and forth on live television. He didn't pry much out of Josh Neer or Pat Barry, but I'll bet at some point in 2012, Ariel Helwani will get someone to drop a bombshell on FX or Fuel.

Carlos Condit Refers to Himself as Carlos Condit

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    No one should ever refer to himself in the third person. I'll allow possible exceptions for Michael Jordan, Kanye West and former Supreme Court Justice David Souter. Otherwise it just seems pompous and, frankly, just a little bit weird.

    But Condit did exactly that in a promo for the UFC's latest primetime show. And he did it despite being cast as the respectful every man, the good guy to Nick Diaz's "look at me I'm craaaaazy" villain.

    "I" or "me" Carlos. Nothing else is acceptable.

New Broadcast Team

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    I realized after Jon Anik put a bow on the UFC's first show on FX that something had been missing. I'd spent hours watching fights—and no one said "It's all over."

    The Mike Goldberg catchphrase has been burned into all our brains over the decade-plus he's been the UFC's sole play-by-play announcer. No more.

    Also missing? Any reference to grappling coach Eddie Bravo and his Bizarro techniques like "crackhead control." That can only mean Joe Rogan was also out of action. In his place? Former title contender Kenny Florian.

    Anik and Florian did a great job and I look forward to hearing the team develop over the next three years. But it was definitely a little strange not to hear Goldberg shilling television shows or Rogan in a screamfest with Dana White.

Melvin Guillard Submitted?

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    Fans around the world were shocked when Melvin Guillard was submitted by Jim Miller in the main event. Guillard has rarely shown any vulnerability on the mat in his dozen-plus UFC bouts. He intuitively recognizes when chokes are imminent and responds accordingly. It was weird to see him tap out.

    What's that you say? All of Guillard's UFC losses are by choke? Okay, so not everything was weird. Some things went exactly as you would expect them to.