Why Miami Dolphins Made a Great Choice Hiring Joe Philbin

Scott AltmanCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2012

Just as rumors linking Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy to the Dolphins head coaching vacancy began heating up, Miami announced the hiring of Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin on Friday evening. 

In the wake of his son's death and Green Bay's offensive flop against the Giants, there was some doubt as to whether or not Philbin would remain on Miami's radar. However, Stephen Ross' desire for a high-flying, explosive offense led him to continue courting Philbin. 

Philbin might not have the resume or allure of a coach like Jeff Fisher, but this was a great hire for the Dolphins regardless.  

First of all, Philbin is "young and hungry."

Everybody is enticed by accomplished veterans like Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher or Brian Billick, but such coaches rarely succeed after hiatuses from the game. 

Instead, the Dolphins will take the same path that teams like the Saints, Steelers, Packers, Lions and Falcons recently have by hiring a young, eager assistant. 

Granted, Philbin could be the next Cam Cameron, he could also be the next Mike Tomlin, Sean Payton or Mike McCarthy. 

Second, Philbin has been on Green Bay's staff since 2003. Since he arrived, the Packers have made six playoff appearances, won a Super Bowl and enjoyed six seasons with double-digit wins. 

Philbin has spent his entire NFL coaching career with a winning organization. Consequently, winning should be ingrained into his coaching mannerisms because it's the only thing he knows how to do. 

Moreover, Philbin has served as Green Bay's offensive coordinator since 2007. Even though he never called plays, he was the man pulling the strings on one of the most prolific offenses in recent history. 

Finally, the Philbin hiring might increase Miami's chances of landing Packers' backup quarterback Matt Flynn.

Even though there's no concrete evidence to support this, it's safe to assume Philbin will attempt to install a similar offense to the one he oversaw in Green Bay. Flynn would have to be attracted to such a scenario. His familiarity with Philbin and the offense would make for a smooth transition, and both parties would benefit tremendously. 

Joe Philbin has never been a head coach and he has never called plays, but his potential is infinite. The Dolphins failed in their quest to acquire a superstar head coach, but it's tough to be disappointed in their ultimate decision.