WWE Should Remove Kofi Kingston from the Tag Team Division

Jack Windham@wr_revealedAnalyst IJanuary 20, 2012

Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston

"Every cloud has a silver lining."

While it's hard to envision any good news coming from Evan Bourne's second suspension (from a failed drug test), there is one glimmer of hope.

Kofi Kingston can finally be moved back into the singles division.

When the former Intercontinental champion was thrown into a tag team with Bourne, many wrestling fans groaned in displeasure. It was painfully obvious that management had nothing better for him to do, so they placed him in a random tag team. The WWE has a history of doing that with wrestlers who are just floundering around.

Instead of complaining about it, though, Kingston did everything that he could to make it work. Indeed, Air Boom (as the pair were collectively known) became a successful act. 

However, the team was then derailed because of Bourne's constant troubles with management.

Now that Bourne is out of the picture, management is going to have to figure out what to do with Kingston.

While some have suggested that a new tag team partner be found for him, it's more likely that WWE will allow him to return to the singles division. Hopefully, someone in the creative department noticed his work as a tag team wrestler and will give him a nice little push.

There was a time when the wrestling world saw main event potential in Kingston. He was white hot during his program with Randy Orton.

The WWE has a chance to get Kingston back to that point now.


Jack Windham is the lead writer at WrestlingRevealed.com.