WWE HoF: 7 Stars Who Should Never Have Been a Part of the 4 Horsemen

Gone Baby GoneContributerJanuary 20, 2012

WWE HoF: 7 Stars Who Should Never Have Been a Part of the 4 Horsemen

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    In light of the latest induction to the WWE Hall of Fame, I decided to take a look back at some of the worst members of this illustrious stable.

    Let's face it, The Four Horsemen are iconic and unrivaled. Many have tried to duplicate the magic of this group and have never achieved the same success.

    Fortunately, the Horsemen had a great run for several years. However, after time, this faction fell apart. Mostly, due to behind-the-scenes politics.

    At different times, every member of the second version, which so happens to be the one being inducted,  jumped ship and went to the WWE. Causing several bastardized versions of this group to form.

    So enough with the history lesson, here are my "top seven" wrestlers who should never been a part of The Four Horsemen.

Kendall Windham

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    Even though Kendall was never officially a part of the group.

    He was very much connected to them via his brother Barry.

    There were several teases and one attempt to make Kendall officially a part of the group.

    Unfortunately for Kendall, when it appeared that he finally made it, Horsemen manager J.J. Dillon jumped ship to the WWE, and the group was disbanded.

    Had he been welcomed in, chances are it would not have lasted long. As he was nowhere near the talent his brother was.

Steve "Mongo" McMichael

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    Even though "Mongo" had a four-year run with the faction, he never really had the Horsemen swagger.

    Granted he had a U.S. title run, but other than that, McMichael's character often fell flat.

Jeff Jarrett

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    Double-J really had to prove himself to get into the group.

    Upon his initial arrival to WCW, he found himself listed as a free agent. He found himself stuck in the midst of a feud between the nWo and the Horsemen.

    Ultimately, Jarrett proved his loyalty to the Horsemen and got stuck in a feud with fellow stable-mate Steve McMichael over McMichael's wife Debra.

    Debra eventually turned on her husband, and both she and Jarrett parted ways with the group and eventually WCW.


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    "The Icon," was on the top of his game when he found himself aligned with The Four Horsemen.

    Ultimately, his time with the faction was short-lived as he and Flair began feuding internally over Sting's newly acquired WCW title.

    Eventually, Sting would meet his demise with the group and never return.

    However, he and Flair continued to have epic battles throughout their careers.

    Sadly, Sting was misused here as he should never have been paired with the group. As they were mismatched, and neither side benefited from this relationship

Sid Vicious

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    Sid was sent to fill the void left by now manager Ole Anderson.

    Tully Blanchard was also slated to return with the Horsemen, but unfortunately, failed a drug test and never returned.

    This left the door wide open for Sid Vicious.

    Sid did not add much to the group as his over-the-top personality never really fit the mold of The Horsemen.

Curt Hennig

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    Hennig was passed the torch as the role of "the enforcer" of The Horsemen from Arn Anderson.

    Sadly, that didn't last long as Hennig betrayed the Horseman shortly after and headed to the nWo.

Paul Roma

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    What's there to say about Roma that hasn't been said before?

    Roma was the most mismatched choice to ever have the honor of being a part of The Four Horsemen.

    Even though he briefly held the tag titles with Arn Anderson, it was clear that the group never gelled with Roma in tow.

    To this day, none of the original group consider Roma a Horseman.