Ohio State: Why Thad Matta and the Buckeyes Will Fall Short Once Again

Taveus HawkinsContributor IIJanuary 20, 2012

Thad Matta and the rotation dilemma
Thad Matta and the rotation dilemmaJamie Sabau/Getty Images

There is no question about Thad Matta and his recruiting abilities. He can definitely get "ballers" to commit to OSU. But what will he do once these "cagers" get to Columbus? 

Coach Matta has a real problem establishing depth and distributing minutes. Once again it will haunt him and the Buckeyes come tournament time.

The Buckeyes have players that can play. They should play. Playing them will only make them better.  Distributing minutes to players and establishing a deeper rotation keeps players fresh and intense. 

Starter's tongues won't be hanging out of their mouths as they chase players scoring 48 points in a game. Fresh defensive players won't allow that to happen.

We all love Aaron Craft and his gamesmanship. He is a contributor and factor in each outing. However, he is not good enough to not be sharing minutes with Shannon Scott. Scott is a baller. He's led his his prep squad to victories over major opponents such as Duke's Austin Rivers. He can play. At no time should this young man not see time on the floor in a contest. 

I'm seeing the same pattern that Matta has shown throughout his coaching tenure at OSU. What is he thinking? If he wants championships he better start playing his talent. Depth is what wins championships. By tournament time the freshmen will be playing like seasoned veterans if they get the minutes on the floor.

I guarantee you that when tournament time comes their starters will have foul trouble. That's a given. Will their underclassmen be ready to "plug-in"? They won't be if Thad doesn't heed this message.