NBA Speculation: Should Danny Ainge's Trade Possibilities Include Dwight Howard?

Mike WalkerContributor IIIJanuary 20, 2012

Danny Ainge and Doc River want that NBA title back in Boston
Danny Ainge and Doc River want that NBA title back in BostonElsa/Getty Images

Boston Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge might just have a trick up his sleeve with his recent announcement that he’s ready to trade.

It's open season in Boston and the big three marquee players, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, have reached the legal age limit to be considered too old to contend for an NBA title.

He’s done it once and there’s a good possibility that he might have the ear of a few NBA general managers, who would have an interest in participating in a three-, four- or maybe even a five-team trade.

 Howard recently said no way will I go to Boston, but if the right trade package of players were assembled to contend for a NBA championship in Boston.

He might have a change of heart and it can become extreme an possibility the Celtics might land the premier center in the game, Dwight Howard.

The question one would have to ask is why the sudden announcement in a public forum and who are the parties involved?

It’s a possibility we should consider because he’s pulled off the trade to land Garnett and Allen, so what’s changed?

The Celtics are struggling and the fans think it’s the age factor that has caught up to the Celtics. Yes, it’s a factor and Howard gave a list of teams he would consider, including the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and New Jersey Nets.

The list didn’t include the Celtics and why should you mention the team that might be the place where you would truly like to play?

Imagine the curiosity of Howard and Rajon Rondo on the floor at the same time wearing the Celtics Green at the Boston Garden.

Ainge is no dummy and the thought of building the Celtics back into contention with a fountain of youth movement with Rondo and Howard would really be fascinating.

We must all ask ourselves this question: Should Ainge pursue the Howard trade, or is his mind made up to do whatever it takes to land Howard, including giving up Garnett, Pierce and Allen?