Miami Heat: Unoriginal All-Black Uniforms Serve No Purpose

Michael DixonAnalyst IIIJanuary 19, 2012

Regardless of what the Miami Heat may or may not believe, the uniqueness of an all-black uniform is significantly lost when the team's colors are already all black.

Yet, for some reason, the Heat are seeing the need to go with their all-black look for Thursday's game against the LA Lakers. A good look at the uniforms can be seen on this Twitpic from Arash Markazi.

If you can explain the purpose of this, you're a smarter person than I am. The only thing that makes sense to me is money. I get that, but these uniforms are nearly identical to the Heat's normal uniforms; that's what so confusing about this. 

I understand when teams wear jerseys that say something like Los Heat, or Los Lakers. Those look the same as the normal ones from a distance, and certainly do make money, but they also may a nice tribute to the Latino/a fans of the franchise. In a place like Miami, Los Angeles, or Phoenix, that makes a lot of sense.

But here, I am seeing a uniform that does nothing more than slightly rearrange some of the trimming. Believe me, I have looked at these things for a while and just don't see any significant difference. There is no good reason why any fan would want to purchase these jerseys as opposed to the normal black ones that the Heat wear. 

Teams in general need to do a better job of honoring their traditional colors. There is nothing wrong with one uniform at home, and another on the road. Every now and again, it is special to wear something like a throwback uniform, or something that honors a big part of your fanbase.

But these uniforms are just confusing. I can't see any possible tribute to the team's past, or any part of the fanbase. These don't even look different enough to get the fans rushing to the stores to take them off of the racks. 

That leaves us at different for the sake of being different, which is never a lot of fun. The extra black in the uniform is not going to intimidate Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. It is perfectly okay to show up in your normal threads for the big games.