WWE 2012: Upcoming Feuds That Will Split the Fanbase

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIJanuary 19, 2012


The next few months will prove to be difficult, as fans will be forced to choose who they are going to support in two major feuds.

One of the feuds has been advertised for nearly a year and that would be the “dream match” between the Rock and John Cena. That match will pit older fans against newer fans in a battle where “generations collide.”

However, an equally interesting matchup for that same pay-per-view may pit two fan favorites against one another in CM Punk and Chris Jericho.

The fans seem to enjoy the prospect of having these mega matchups but how will they decide on who they are going to root for?

When it comes to the Rock and John Cena I feel like the sides have been drawn since the day the match was announced. Older fans want the Rock to destroy John Cena and younger fans want Cena to put the “Brahma Bull” out to pasture. It’s a battle between the PG Era and Attitude Era fans alike!

I have been a fan of wrestling since the late 1980s, so I have seen both Cena and the Rock in their primes and although I am rooting for the Rock to win, I do not even want to see this match happen.

Personally I do not trust the Creative team to ensure that the conclusion of Cena and the Rock’s match will satisfy enough fans for the match to be even worth having. If Cena wins there would be a riot and if the Rock wins then the WWE has humiliated the current face of the company. Any ending that does not have a decisive winner would also be a slap in the face to all of the fans who have had to endure nonstop advertising for this match.

I believe a match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho, which many fans seem to want, would also present problems for the present fan base. Would the fans support the current favorite or root for an old one?

Chris Jericho’s return, if anything else, has made fans rethink what the WWE product will look like in the next few months. No one is entirely sure where Jericho is going to fit into current storylines, but the rumors are already floating around that he will win the Royal Rumble and challenge CM Punk for the WWE title at WrestleMania 28.

Hypothetically, if Jericho did win and was given a match with CM Punk I am curious to see where fan’s loyalty would go. So many older fans immediately endorsed the Rock rather than John Cena, but would those same fans support Jericho over CM Punk?

I may not be a Cena fan, but I am smart enough to know that he is not going anywhere for a long time whereas the Rock will never come back to wrestling full-time again. I also know that we just got done proclaiming CM Punk as “the future of wrestling” and “the man who is going to lead the next era of wrestling.” Chris Jericho is on his third return and I doubt he will be around for more than a year or two.

So I want to ask my readers if it really is that easy to root for one guy over the other in these two upcoming feuds.

The other point to consider is that whether the Rock wins or not he will be going back to Hollywood the next day, but the same cannot be said for Chris Jericho and CM Punk’s match. Both men, regardless of who wins, will be in the WWE for the foreseeable future so that also presents a dilemma for fans.

Would you rather see Chris Jericho put over CM Punk to help solidify Punk’s status? Or would you rather see Jericho defeat the current fan favorite and become WWE Champion?

You have to realize that Chris Jericho is NOT the future even if you are his biggest fan.  I would not embrace him as champion because I believe Chris Jericho is at a point of his career where he would be best served at putting over rising talent to help establish the next generation of stars. I envision a similar path for Jericho that Shawn Michaels took when he was at the back end of his career.

If the WWE panics and has Chris Jericho become the top guy then rising stars such as Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler will continue to be held back. People also forget that CM Punk and John Cena are not going anywhere either so there needs to be a place in the company for all of these superstars, young and old, if Chris Jericho does in fact become champion.

The next few months will really put fans to the test: Do you want to relive the good ol’ days or would you rather see the WWE develop the next era?

Let me know below your thoughts on how you see these two feuds ending? Who are you rooting for and why? Also make sure to follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac.

Keep it classic all!