Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial: VW Hits Another Star Wars Home Run

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIJanuary 19, 2012

Following last year's memorable production, Volkswagen was expected to send its audience into another galaxy with a humorously-effective encore during this year's Super Bowl. 

The new canine commercial may lack human relations, but it certainly isn't without that cuddly sweetness that makes even the most pessimistic viewers curl their mouths.

As we enjoy the refreshing ensemble, we look back on the initiation of the Star Wars commercials and how effective the idea has been.

In searching for a way to engage a seemingly-beleaguered throng of viewers before last year's big game, Volkswagen took a popular theme and related it to numerous generations.

Not only did the commercial stick to those who grew up with Star Wars (and who are now set to buy a vehicle), but it gave elders a subtle reason to smile.

While we are clearly exuberant about the addition of George Lucas' series to the commercials, those who aren't as pleased still must enjoy the comical adventures of this innocent child. As he attempts to exert his dark power on arbitrary victims, only one man can make it all work... his father.

With another Super Bowl approaching, it was time for Volkswagen to build a legacy and continue to surprise their exhilarated fans.

While most commercials are unable to successfully combine engaging humor with effective comfort, Volkswagen has found the key ingredients to properly attract potential buyers.

Amidst the surfeit of obnoxious commercials rests Volkswagen's master creations that continue to make us laugh.

As fans continue to chuckle at the unconventional, yet hilarious productions presented by Volkswagen, cars continue to furiously-speed off the racks.