Hue Jackson's Firing Leaves Raiders Front Office to Fill Major Voids

David AbelContributor IIIJanuary 19, 2012

Hue Jackson's Firing Leaves Raiders Front Office to Fill Major Voids

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    As many silver and black brethren know, new GM Reggie McKenzie is doing his best to replace fired head coach Hue Jackson. The problem, however, seems to be that McKenzie has absolutely zero idea as to who he will call upon to lead the team.

    After reading many articles, comments, blogs, etc, I realized this Hue Jackson firing has many people divided. Roughly half of Raider Nation accepts the decision, while the other half are left scratching their heads.

    Firing Hue Jackson was quite frankly a terrible decision in my personal opinion.

    Here is why:

Youth and Attitude

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    Jackson is only 46 years of age, meaning he has plenty of gas left in the tank.

    Personally, I thought he has the offense playing their tails off constantly. He brought passion and an edge to this offense that was lacking for many years. He developed arguably the best rushing game in the league while improving quarterbacks and keeping them competitive.

    Also, I liked his fiery personality. You can tell Jackson is passionate about the team and the organization. I love how he reacted to the loss over San Diego. Though I don’t applaud his bashing of the team, when he said “there ain’t no way that I’m going to feel like I feel today a year from now,” showed exactly what every head coach should say following a season.

    Hue Jackson is the guy to fire this squad up.


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    His familiarity with these players, both offensively and defensively, allows Jackson to do more with this team.

    Specifically, however, I’m going to focus on the offense alone.

    In just a few short years, Jackson made this offense solid. He primed Campbell and made successful players out of McFadden and Heyward-Bey, who were both struggling mightily before he got there.

    As for the system and play calling, I think Campbell especially got into a rhythm and utilized the system well. Even Palmer (after shaking off the rust) seemed to do well.

    A new coaching staff will force Campbell, Palmer, McFadden or whoever to once again learn a new system.

    It will take time and patience... One thing Raiders fans do not have.

Risk Taker

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    Don’t get me wrong, at times Jackson’s play-calling was stale and predictable. Fortunately for the Raiders, it was counteracted with reverses, screens, no huddle offenses and big play attempts.

    At various times, Palmer missed huge plays with receivers. At various times, Campbell almost missed huge plays with receivers.

    Moral of the story is that if these plays connected, Jackson would be looking at another two wins at least. It’s not completely his fault that balls were thrown poorly or dropped.

    What would Bill Belichick be without his "go big or go home" attitude? Or even Sean Payton? Yes, the same Sean Payton that kicked an onside kick in the Super Bowl.

    I loved the way that he tried to utilize all his play makers in many different ways. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

Typical Raider Occurance

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    Since the short, but sweet John Gruden era, the Raiders have constantly changed head coaches. This doesn’t change from the years Al Davis was in office either.

    Hue Jackson is just another name to add to the Raiders’ list of coaches that didn’t last at least three years. Callahan, Shell, Turner, Kiffin and Cable: welcome your newest member.

    Don’t get me wrong, not all of those coaches were meant for success, but I feel if these players had some consistency they could’ve gotten better quicker.


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    As you can see, the Raiders could be set back thanks to this decision by the front office. They will have to start from square one yet again, and I'm not so sure it was the best idea.

    Love him or hate him, Jackson was probably the best person for this position heading into next season. Moss, Bowles or whoever could've been inserted as a DC if anything.

    I just hope that somehow a great candidate shows up, but until then...