John Cena vs. Kane Is a Brilliant Way to Restart Both Men's Careers

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIJanuary 19, 2012

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John Cena had gotten stale over the past months. He was like a hard piece of bread that could chip teeth and was bound to grow moldy soon.

Kane was a worn-out steak that had been reheated to the point of having lost all taste.

Cena was a superhero without a villain. Someone who could swoop in and save the day while never having to break a sweat.

Kane, who had once been one of the most dangerous men in the WWE, was now being used as an enhancement talent.

It looked like both men's careers had played out while they still had something left to give.

Then Kane was brought back with a new mask and a reinvigorated sense of worth. Suddenly, he was the big red machine again. He was a larger=than=life character who could take out countless wrestlers without even trying.

In making him so strong, the WWE gave Cena a real nemesis. Someone he couldn't just overpower and walk away from.

That would have been enough to make the feud interesting, but the WWE decided to weave something else into the fabric of the story.

They decided to add in an element that has been used in plenty of different movies and books, but still works when done well. The idea of corruption.

Kane doesn't need to beat Cena. He just needs Cena to destroy what he stands for. He needs Cena to embrace the hate.

The WWE has made it so a heel can defeat an overpowered face without having to physically best them, even though the heel is physically strong as well.

This is where things get interesting.

Kane may stalk Cena, but he doesn't need to face him. In fact, it is in his best interest to face everyone but Cena.

He can attack Cena's friends and coworkers while always leaving before he gets there to save the day. He isn't a coward for doing so. He is manipulating the situation to destroy Cena in a way a physical confrontation never could. It has given him back the hellish and demonic persona he once carried.

Cena is getting to do something new as well. He finally is having to grapple with an enemy he can't face. There is no match in which he can beat them down, and they don't seem to want to face him in the traditional sense.

Instead, his opponent is taking on those weaker then himself and causing Cena to become frustrated. Each time Cena comes to save the day he is too late. For as powerful as his character is, there is nothing he can do. That impotence and weakness is so foreign to him that it is causing him to lash out.

Instead of just grinning and making corny jokes, Cena is getting to explore his character and develop it on a new level.

Both men are getting to return to the basics of their personae and dig new depths for them. As long as the WWE keeps progressing their feud properly, it could put both Kane and Cena on a new level.

And it could restart two careers that needed the tune-up.

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