2012 NFL Draft: Justin Blackmon Would Look Good in a Bears Uniform

Tyler Emken@tylerkemkenContributor IIIJanuary 22, 2012

Justin Blackmon
Justin BlackmonDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

We still don't know who the Chicago Bears' new general manager is going to be.  Whenever someone gets that job, they should open up Bleacher Report, find this article and read these words: You need to do everything you can to get Justin Blackmon.

Well, everything short of trading away Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs or Jay Cutler, that is.

The Bears have a franchise quarterback in Jay Cutler, but he has been suffering with a less than stellar offensive line and a sub-par receiving corps.  

Before his injury, Cutler's go-to guy was Earl Bennett.  Bennett is a solid player, but in no way could he ever be considered a No. 1 target.

Former Bears GM Jerry Angelo was heavily criticized this year for not making moves to improve the offensive line or the Bears receivers.  The only receivers brought in this past season were rookie Dane Sanzenbacher out of Ohio State and former Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams.   

Blackmon is everything they need in a receiver.  He is fast, powerful and has great hands.  At Oklahoma State, he was their most dynamic playmaker.  

The Bears need a playmaker on offense to help Cutler out.  Last season, the Bears were ranked 26th overall in passing yards.  A lot of this had to do with Cutler being injured.  However, in his first 10 games, he averaged 231.9 yards a game.  Not bad, but not as good as quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, who were surrounded by impact players.  Cutler's only consistent threat was his running back Matt Forte.

More importantly, it will show the fans that the new general manager will not have the same problems that the old one did.  The best way for the new GM to get the support of the fans is to make a big move to bring in a player that will help the Bears compete with division rivals Packers and Lions offensively.

Now, the problem: Some NFL analysts have picked Blackmon to go as high as second overall to the Rams.  Trading up from No. 19 to No. 2 would mean that the Bears would have give up a lot to get Blackmon.  The Bears would have to hope that the Rams trade this pick away to a team that needs a quarterback.

Still, if the Bears have even an outside shot to get Blackmon, they need to go for it, much like the Atlanta Falcons did in going after Julio Jones last season.  The new GM needs to show the fans that he is willing to make the necessary moves to address team needs.  It would give Bears fans excitement about their team going into the season.  

You've heard me out, yet-to-be-named Bears GM.  Now get it done.