How the Boston Celtics Can Kick Their Offense Up a Notch

Andrew Bock@andrew_bockCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2012

How the Boston Celtics Can Kick Their Offense Up a Notch

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    The Boston Celtics have been stumbling of late twelve games into their NBA season.  The team started off poorly, vaulted back with a four-game win streak, only to find themselves amidst another four-game streak of the losing kind.

    Defense isn’t the issue.  The C’s are ranked ninth in the NBA in points allowed per game.  It’s their offense that is sputtering. 

    Boston currently ranks 26th out of 30 in points per game, so what should they be focusing on to ramp up their scoring output?

    Some of the answers are easy.  Shoot the damn ball! Boston isn’t taking enough shots per game.  They’re dead last in in the NBA in that category.

    Other things, such as a lack of offensive rebounding, aren’t as easy to fix, so it’s an area the teams needs to become better in.

    If the Celtics plan on being competitive throughout the season their offensive game will have to change.  There’s no real reason why they shouldn’t be putting up more points, but something is definitely off.

    Adjustments have to be made, and it’s only then that the C’s can get back into the mix in the Eastern Conference playoff race. 

Field Goal Attempts

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    The Boston Celtics lead the league in three-point accuracy, but that statistic doesn’t mean much if you’re not shooting the ball enough.

    The Celtics are dead-last in the NBA when it comes to hoisting up the rock, so what they need to do is simply—shoot the ball.

    No matter how you slice it, shooting the ball more will equate to more points, even if it means hitting a lower percentage shot.

    But at a win-loss record of 4-8 who cares how many shots you jack up, so just shoot.

Offensive Rebounding

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    The Celtics have never been a great offensive rebounding team since the Big Three came to town (and not in the ten years before that either), so if they want to do more on offense—they have to create second chance points! It’s as simple as that.

    Clog the lane, hope for the best.

Run with Rondo

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    Rajon Rondo is the only guy who is consistently running up and down the floor on offense. 

    Ray can still hit a transition three, but everyone else needs to be there when/if Rondo can’t use his layup skills.

    Rondo is constantly breaking down opponent’s defenses, but without anyone else there with him, it won’t be long before defenses clamp down and the floor general has to look for a trailer behind him.