Why the Ottawa Senators Will Win the Stanley Cup

Francois GendronSenior Writer IApril 27, 2007

After watching all the playoff teams in their respective series, I've come to a conclusion:
The Ottawa Senators can go to the Stanley Cup Finals.
Yes, Ottawa still needs to win seven games to get there, and they'll probably have to go through the Buffalo Sabres along the way. Still, barring injuries or a total collapse in goal, I think the Senators' depth will win out.
Ottawa's four offensive lines are well balanced and capable of scoring big goals anytime. In fact, the Senators have more combined speed, toughness, and playmaking ability than any team in the NHL.
The Senators' third- and fourth-line players proved their mettle in a 5-4 victory over the New Jersey Devils in Game One of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Dean McAmmond scored a shorthanded goal. Mike Fisher delivered solid checks and was always first on the puck in his 13 minutes of ice time. Chris Kelly, Antoine Vermette, and Oleg Saprykin all contributed off the bench.

Sure, Ottawa have great top-line talent....but depth wins Stanley Cups. Though I've never liked the Sens, I've got to admit that they've built a great team over the years.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Don't agree? Someone tell me here why Ottawa doesn't have what it takes to go all the way...