Miami Dolphins: Why Loss of Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan is Not That Bad

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Miami Dolphins: Why Loss of Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan is Not That Bad
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Recently, Miami's defensive coordinator Mike Nolan decided to leave the Dolphins franchise to join the Atlanta Falcons. Some fans are disappointed and annoyed, whereas I and other fans alike remain optimistic.

Don't get me wrong, Nolan has built up a very talented defense. Between drafts and free agency, Miami has brought in some elite players.   

There was one thing, however, that Nolan had consistently lacked on the coaching side of things. He did not know how to coach for 60 minutes, all four quarters of the game. If you go back and look at many of the games from this past season, you will see that Nolan had coached the defense very well in the first half. He would mix things up by blitzing, putting pressure on the quarterback, confusing the offense and containing the run.

These are all really good things, but in reality- when the defense only does that for half of the game, they will not win. Mike Nolan had a great 2-quarter strategy, but just could not seem to finish games. He was always either too nervous or too timid, and consistently coached a prevent defense at the end of each game.

The Miami Dolphins specialized in losing games in the fourth quarter. They could easily have won three or four more games this season if Nolan had just kept the aggressive defensive play for all four quarters.

In the end, it was nice having Nolan on the Miami Dolphins squad. He revamped this defense by bringing in some talented players, but it is not the end of the world that he left. 

Now the Miami Dolphins will look to hire a new defensive coordinator who will hopefully bring in that same physical, aggressive mentality that Nolan brought to the defense, but with the ability to coach for all 60 minutes and close the game. 

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