College Basketball Recruiting: Top 7 Mixtapes of Legendary Junior Aquille Carr

Eric HampfordContributor IIIJanuary 26, 2012

College Basketball Recruiting: Top 7 Mixtapes of Legendary Junior Aquille Carr

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    If you are in search of the baddest high school basketball player right now, packing gyms and having fans screaming for more, look no further than the mixtape collection of Aquille Carr. 

    The Baltimore, Maryland phenom is short in stature, standing only 5'7", but he has become the most uniquely hyped player we have seen at the high school level in quite some time.

    He has taken an East Baltimore based Patterson High School to unimaginable heights and has the team traveling the country to play opponents in order to showcase their rare star.

    Only a junior, he has plenty of time left to add to his already impressive resume of highlight plays as well as individual and team accolades.

    He has already committed to Seton Hall University, picking the Pirates over a slew of higher profile programs. That commitment seems to be sum up the young star.

    He stuck with a program that is stacked against the odds, short on firepower and media attention. However, his presence alone should have Seton Hall rising fast, much like Aquille Carr's career has done to this point.

7. 2012 Martin Luther King Hoopfest Showcase

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    His most recent highlight mix came from the 2012 Martin Luther King Hoopfest Showcase earlier this month.

    His confidence seems to be at an all-time high in his junior season. The world is beginning to catch on to just how special this kid is.

    It's about time, because players like Aquille Carr don't come around very often.

6. 38 Point Game Against City College High School Sophomore Year

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    Another scoring outburst for Aquille Carr came against College City High School in his sophomore season.

    A packed house filled the stands to see just how talented the youngster was, and they all went home extremely impressed.

    His shot fakes, floaters and creative layups were all brought out of his repertoire of skills in order to annihilate the other team.

5. MVP Performance at the Big Shot's Wooten Classic (Summer 2011)

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    In this highlight tape, taken from the Big Shot's Wooten Classic last summer, he shows off another aspect of his impressive arsenal.

    His lightning-quick crossover shows him leaving many defenders in the dust. After watching this video, it's hard to imagine any defender being able to stay in front of Aquille Carr.

    His legend continued to grow after the release of this mixtape. 

4. Hoop Group Elite Team Camp (Summer 2011)

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    Here is another team camp in the summer of 2011, filled with many more victims for the pint-sized phenom. 

    This one is at the Hoop Group Elite Camp in Pennsylvania, filled with some of the best teams in the region.

    Here, while showing his ability to weave in-and-out of traffic at will, he shows glimpses of his ever-improving jump shot.

    The most impressive part of this highlight tape is America's first glimpse at just how explosive he is. Watch for the block at the 1:09 mark. Unbelievable.

3. 58 Point Game in His Sophomore Season

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    His scoring ability is on full display in this video with a 58 point game in just his sophomore season. He scored his 1,000th point in just two seasons of high school basketball.

    That stat alone shows you just how savvy he is when it comes to scoring the basketball. He absolutely carries his Patterson High School team on his back in this game.

    As you can see throughout the duration of the mixtape, he always has the crowd on their toes, waiting for the next Aquille Carr highlight to take place.

2. Early Sophomore Season Mixtape (2010-2011)

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    The legend of Aquille Carr in the city of Baltimore began in his freshman year, but his national fame grew because of this mixtape done during the beginning of his sophomore season.

    The most impressive thing to watch on this highlight tape isn't his incredible ball handling skills or his ridiculous quickness.

    What sets Aquille Carr apart from other players who had significant impacts on the game at around his height is his unbelievable ability to hang in the air. He creates ways to get his shot off against bigger defenders, an extremely valuable asset to have in his future with the game of basketball

1. 2010-2011 Mixtape

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    Here is the whole mix of highlights from the entire high school and AAU season in 2010-2011. In this video his ability to change direction on a dime sets him apart from other high school players.

    Also his passing ability is put on full display here, showing that he has the elite court vision that is required to succeed at the college level as well as beyond.

    What might be neatest about the whole mix is the police sirens in the background, which display his nickname in his home city, "The Crime Stopper."

    He is called this because whenever he plays a basketball game, even the criminals and drug dealers come to watch, putting crime at a standstill in Baltimore.