10 Players the English Premier League Would Be Better off Without

Chris Siddell@@siddellcCorrespondent IIIJanuary 19, 2012

10 Players the English Premier League Would Be Better off Without

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    The English Premier League is the best and most entertaining league in the world, but without these players it would be even better.

    Troublemakers, divers and serial complainers—these players are not improving the Premier League, and we would be better off without them in our game.

    Without doubt there is a lot of talent on show here, but the negatives are much bigger than the positives.  Without these players, the next generation of players might be slightly better behaved.

10. Joey Barton

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    Joey Barton is a Premier League bad boy who doesn't know when to stop.  

    A seemingly endless list of misdemeanours litter his past, and there is no sign of them stopping.  Barton was recently sent off for head-butting an opponent in a Premier League match.

    As if that wasn't enough, we now have to put up with him ranting and raving about how great he is on Twitter.

9. Didier Drogba

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    Didier Drogba has been a great servant for Chelsea in the Premier League.  But right now, it's time for the big man to go.

    His diving and complaining are starting to wear very thin, and his arrogance is no longer justified.

    A great Premier League player, and a Chelsea legend without a doubt, but it's time to step aside graciously.  Let Fernando Torres take over as the main man up front for Chelsea.

8. Titus Bramble

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    Sunderland defender Titus Bramble has been around for a long time.  Spending much of his Premier League career with Newcastle and Wigan, the defender now plays for Sunderland.

    Well, when he isn't at the police station that is.

    Since moving to Sunderland alone, Bramble has been in trouble with the police on more than one occasion.

    He is currently awaiting trial on three counts of sexual assault.  Not a good role model, and not the kind of person we want to see in the Premier League.

7. Nani

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    The picture says it all.  Nani is the type of person who has his initial shaved into the side of his head.  Really?

    To go with that, Nani has shown he is a player who likes to dive a lot and roll around the floor once he is down there.

    Always playing the innocent victim and complaining to the referee, Nani is a player the Premier League can do without.

6. Nigel de Jong

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    Nigel de Jong is a player who is holding back Manchester City.

    He's a powerful workhorse who is willing to do the dirty work.  Unfortunately, he is a little too dirty.

    Including the defensive midfielder seems to alter the style of Manchester City.  With de Jong in the team, City are more defensive and scrappy.  Without him, they are free-flowing and attacking.

    Without de Jong Manchester City would be far more entertaining, so he is one player the Premier League would be better off without.

5. Paul Scholes

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    Paul Scholes has come out of retirement to play in the Premier League once again.

    It seems that everyone except Manchester United fans can see how Scholes has slowed and lacks the pace and presence he once had.

    United might be having an injury crisis, but Scholes needs to get out of the way and allow some fresh young talent into the team.

    The Premier League was, and will be, better off without Scholes.

4. John Terry

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    John Terry is another Chelsea legend the Premier League could do without.  

    Like Didier Drogba his time has passed and he is clinging on to performances of the past.  It's time Chelsea moved on.

    As baggage Terry is carrying several less-than-favourable incidents off the field, and one major on-field incident that sees Terry facing criminal charges for alleged racism. 

    He will be regarded as one of the best defenders to have played, but the Premier League will be a better place once John Terry moves on.

3. Carlos Tevez

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    Carlos Tevez is a brilliant player who has had some fantastic Premier League moments.  But ask yourself this: Since being left out by Manchester City, do you really miss him?

    With the quality on show in the Premier League we can do without Tevez.  

    Think about how much more interesting the sports news might be if it wasn't filled with stories about Tevez: Tevez is in Argentina; Teves refuses to play; Tevez trains alone; Tevez is moving to Milan.

    I think we have all had enough, and the Premier League would be better without Carlos Tevez.

2. Patrice Evra

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    Patrice Evra is a character who seems to attract controversy.  

    Imaginary card-waving, diving, complaining and most of all feigning injury, Evra is someone the masses are growing very tired of.

    It's about time he left the Premier League and left us in peace. 

1. Luis Suarez

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    Luis Suarez has been in England for barely a year.  Already he has gained a reputation as a player who dives a lot and complains a lot.

    It's clear that he is a poor role model for youngsters watching the game, and his recent ban for racial abuse should have seen Liverpool cast him aside.

    But he is too valuable for the team.  Liverpool will always support Suarez, as he is a major asset.  

    The man shows poor sportsmanship, and has been banned for racially abusing another player and making offensive gestures to the public.  

    Put simply, the Premier League would be a better place without Suarez.