WWE News: Evan Bourne Gets Violation No. 2 for Synthetic Marijuana

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IJanuary 18, 2012

Back in November, the exciting Evan Bourne was slapped with a suspension for his first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy.

It was revealed across the dirt sheets that he had used synthetic marijuana, which led to him failing the routine drugs test.

At the time of his banning, he was one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions; partner Kofi Kingston had to spend the next few weeks fighting solo.

Shortly after the suspension was announced, Bourne's co-worker R-Truth was also hit with his first violation of the wellness policy.

Like Bourne, it was revealed that R-Truth had been taking the drug that many are now beginning to dub "spice." 

Unsurprisingly, many jumped to the conclusion that the incidents were related, and a report even surfaced saying that the pair smoked it together, and that Bourne snitched on him.

After Bourne's return, he and Kingston seemingly returned to normal, but somehow everything just took a turn for the worst. 

As a unit, they began to find themselves on the losing end of non-title matches.

Initially, thoughts were that this was a punishment for the violation, but that couldn't be right. Surely he would have suffered earlier, instead of beginning to drop off after a month?

Again, the dirt sheets were alive with rumours running rampant. 

One particular story stood out ahead of the rest, claiming that Bourne and Triple H were caught in a heated confrontation backstage.

It originally seemed believable, but sources within the company announced that no such square-off actually occurred. 

It was most confusing, as it seemed that Air Boom were being brought down for practically no reason.

Then, just a few days ago, when everything seemed to be settling down, the duo dropped their championships to Epico and Primo. 

It was rather stunning, and concerns were raised that something behind the scenes was a factor in the defeat.  Confirming the fears, Bourne received another suspension for a second violation.

This time around, everything seems to be much more brutal.  He's one strike away from severe consequences, and has to sit out for 60 days. 

That's two months.  A whole two months away from in-ring action.

The violation?  Synthetic marijuana, yet again. 

According to wrestlechat.net, on Tuesday's taping of Smackdown, Bourne was alerted about the possible failure of a drug test, and the following Friday he was told the bad news.

Sources close to the exciting high-flyer were heard saying that he was dismayed by the news, and felt extremely sympathetic for Kingston.

Kingston has been the most victimized person in the entire conflict, as he has done absolutely nothing to deserve trouble.

His overall work has improved massively, and he's gotten more charismatic since teaming with Bourne.

Kingston was sent home for the first time in weeks by WWE management so they could deal with the ongoing problems with Bourne.

However, despite everything, Bourne has asked that his actions don't hold back Kingston. 

The two have reportedly become very close since forming the team, and Bourne feels like everything he's done has harmed Kingston in the long run.

The former tag team champion was also intending on appealing the suspension, as he had to go through another drug test so close to the previous one.

Bourne feels as if he's being banned for the exact same incident.  If his claims are true, that is some horribly foul play by WWE and wholly unfair to Bourne.

While all this was leaked out, another piece to the puzzle was revealed. 

Originally, belief was that Bourne had said that R-Truth was also smoking synthetic marijuana with him, although this report contradicted that statement.

It says that neither man were together while breaking the policy, that they were two different incidents and also that Bourne knew about Truth's actions, but didn't rat him out.

Apparently, Bourne claims that he and Truth are pretty good friends, and he would not ever abuse Truth's trust.

The young Bourne is deeply concerned about his status in WWE, and whether he will last much longer in the promotion. 

His worries are justified, as the entire ordeal has undoubtedly put him in a tight spot.

Despite the rumours, there have been no apparent indications that his future with the company is in jeopardy.

In fact, his future is actually unclear. 

While Triple H—who takes charge in a lot of dealings with talent (which should be John Laurinaitis' job)—is unimpressed and rather frustrated with Bourne, his wife, Stephanie McMahon, has other views.

McMahon, who holds a similar position to her husband, but holds more power in the company than him, actually likes Bourne and is an open supporter of him. 

She believes him to be unique and exciting, and would not be happy to see his talent go to waste.

With the struggle between the WWE officials, two suspensions and evident chagrin at his treatment, Bourne's position is very tender and weak, and any sudden action from either side could see the trigger being pulled on his career with the company.

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