Reds, Blues and Gunners: Ranking the Nicknames of Each EPL Side

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIJanuary 20, 2012

Reds, Blues and Gunners: Ranking the Nicknames of Each EPL Side

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    EPL sides have nicknames that can be historically confirmed, or can be argued about by fans and football historians alike.

    In some cases teams have more than one nickname, and in that case the most common one will be used.

    Ranking these nicknames will take into consideration the origin of said nickname, together with the originality and/or sensibility to the team that holds it.

    Lets take a look at the ranking of each EPL side's nickname.

20. Wigan Athletic—the Latics

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    Last in the league and last in the nickname rankings too. Wigan Athletic basically borrowed its nickname from one of its rivals—Oldham Athletic.

    See anything else similar? Not too much originality here.

19. Chelsea—the Blues

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    "The Pensioners" was an earlier nickname stemming from the adaptation of the crest of the Chelsea Pensioners.

    "The Blues" is what we hear now, and its just too plain.

18. Liverpool—the Reds

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    To be honest, there is no real need for more than that nickname when you are one of the most famous clubs in England. Still, when you stack it up to some others on this list, its not the greatest nickname.

17. Blackburn Rovers—Rovers

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    I guess that's the way it had to be. No point getting all fancy when there is a perfectly decent nickname waiting. Rovers it is.

16. Swansea City—the Swans

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    Given the team's graceful style of play, this nickname actually works for Swansea City right now. On most other days I would take another nickname, though.

15. Queens Park Rangers—the Hoops

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    Ah, I get it. See the design of the kit? Yep, hoops. QPR was too easy—hoops is somewhat interesting, though not interesting enough.

14. Newcastle—the Magpies

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    The team's kit is the same color as Magpies, so that about says it for this nickname.

13. Manchester City—the Citizens

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    "The Citizens" is an elongation and variation on "City" in Manchester City's name. It's sort of interesting, but not exciting as a nickname.

12.Bolton Wanderers—the Trotters

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    There are a variety of explanations for this Trotters nickname, ranging from people in the Bolton area being fond of trotters as a delicacy to the myth that one of the older grounds was built next to a pig farm.

    These two interesting origin stories put this nickname a little bit higher than it might be normally.

11. Aston Villa—Villa

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    I guess you could go with "The Villa" or "Villans," but this is the shortest version and actually has a nice ring to it.

10. Tottenham Hotspur—Spurs

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    "Spurs" is a shortened version of the teams' official name, which came from Harry Hotspur—the nickname of Sir Henry Percy. This Tottenham team is looking sharp so far this year.

09. Wolverhampton Wanderers—Wolves

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    Wolves is one of the lucky teams that was able to form something ferocious—not weird—out of their official club name.

08. Manchester United—the Red Devils

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    "The Red Devils" nickname comes from the teams association with the Salford Rugby club, who had the name first. Both teams used to train on the same grounds.

    The borrowed nickname isn't great, but it really does work well with Manchester United.

07. West Bromwich Albion—the Baggies

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    West Bromwich Albion has another nickname with history in "The Throstles," but since Baggies is the more common name nowadays we will go with that.

    There are a few versions of "The Baggies" origin. It was a either a result of the baggy shorts players wore, or it came from the phrase "here come the baggies," which refers to the bags that gatekeepers carried to collect funds before games.

    Either way, I think I like this nickname.

06. Fulham—the Cottagers

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    This nickname comes from the grounds itself, Craven Cottage, and its neat history.

05. Stoke City—the Potters

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    Similarly to some other nicknames, "The Potters" can be attributed to Stoke City's links to its locale. In this case, the pottery industry.

04. Everton—the Toffees

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    Not everything's sweet at Everton right now, but the nickname is. This nickname has some good history and I am sure its a favorite game-day treat for the children.

03. Norwich City—the Canaries

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    Canaries are apparently plentiful in Norfolk, the county where Norwich City play. That makes sense—and makes for a good nickname.

02. Arsenal—the Gunners

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    In its early beginnings one of the names Arsenal had was Woolwich Arsenal. The nickname comes from the various armament factories in Woolwich. It works pretty well with the official club name as well.

01.Sunderland—the Black Cats

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    This nickname was actually voted upon by the fans. Sunderland has a long history with Black Cats, as the nickname section in Wikipedia will tell you.

    With all that history, this is probably the best nickname in the league.